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ICMtia Packaging Materials Seminar was Successfully Held in JCET

ICMtia Packaging Materials Seminar was Successfully Held in JCET

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On April 13, 2021, the packaging materials seminar jointly sponsored by the Integrated Circuit Material Industry Technology Innovation Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the "Alliance") and JCET Group was successfully held in Jiangyin City.

The purpose of this seminar is to intensify cooperation between supply and demand parties and promote collaboration on the application. Featuring the packaging materials professional sector, it promotes the new needs and challenges of materials by discussing the problems in the mass production of materials and the development of advanced packaging technology, form an innovative mechanism for the coordinated development of upstream and downstream, and accelerate the promotion of localized mass production and application of packaging materials.

Chief Executive Officer Zheng Li, Executive Vice President Luo Hongwei, Vice President Ren Xia, and other management teams, as well as technical personnel in supply chain, engineering technology, and R&D departments, had in-depth and detailed exchanges and interactions with representatives of the alliance packaging materials companies.A total of more than 70 representatives from 21 packaging material manufacturers attended this meeting and conducted group exchanges with JCET Group.

Zheng Li, Chief Executive Officer of JCET Group, pointed out at the meeting that the development of the integrated circuit industry requires an inclusive and open attitude, cooperation to promote innovation, and innovation to promote development. He emphasized that materials are the core of integrated circuit packaging, and JCET attaches great importance to the diversification of the material supply chain. He believes that, driven by the materials alliance, and driven by the innovation of materials companies, it can be achieved through close cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the entire industry chain More efficient and coordinated development will drive the entire industry to move forward in a healthier, more efficient and stable manner.

Chen Huaping, Director of Supply Chain of JCET, Zhang Yuesheng, Senior Manager, and Xie Jielei, Deputy General Manager of JCAP, respectively made "Opportunities and Challenges of Domestic Materials", "Investigation on Technology Development and Capability Cooperation of Packaging Applied Materials", and "Development of Advanced Technology of Changjiang Electronics" Reports such as "Requirements for Materials and Materials" provided detailed interpretations on the specific requirements of Changjiang Electronics Technology's process flow and material status, domestic material process verification, reliability certification, material introduction process, and future development of packaging and testing technology.

21 materials companies conducted in-depth and enthusiastic group exchanges with technicians from various departments of JCET, discussing the current development status and difficulties of packaging materials technology, mass production applications, and future R&D development directions. Representatives participating in the exchange expressed that this matchmaking seminar has played an important role in intensifying cooperation between the supply and demand sides and strengthening cooperation and exchanges on the application side.







Shi Ying, Secretary-General of ICMtia, thanked JCET Group for showing the motivation and direction of efforts for materials companies with an open and inclusive attitude. Materials companies are very willing to cooperate with responsible companies such as JCET Group, support each other, and work together. Create a variety of materials with reliable performance, stable quality, and safe supply with my country's brand advantages, and contribute to our country's integrated circuit packaging industry.