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Alliance Introduction

Alliance Introduction

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  ICMTIA is jointly established by domestic companies and institutions engaged in manufacturing, application, R&D, development and teaching of integrated circuit materials, which takes the theme of innovative development of integrated circuit materials. It is the non-profit innovative organization that abides by all laws and regulations and secures fair, just, sustainable, non-exclusive and open development. ICMTIA was established in 2012.

  Purpose of the Alliance: The Alliance will integrate the innovative resources in China in integrated circuit materials. Relying on HR, technologies and market resources of the Alliance members, it speeds up industrialization of R&D results, and ensures the localized supply of materials for manufacturing integrated circuits. By building the effective partnership, it enhances the holistic advantages of the Alliance, promotes HR clustering and key technical development in the field of integrated circuit materials , keeps upgrading ability of independent innovations, supports China’s technical innovations in integrated circuits, and makes contributions to development of international integrated circuit materials technologies.

  Innovation target of the Alliance: Thanks to policy guidance and support from administrations, the Alliance is active to take advantages in the platform of resources, targets at demands for integrated circuit materials raised by China’s development in integrated circuit industry, and at the development trend of world’s cutting-edge technologies. By integrating the resources of innovation and breaking through key technologies, it promotes building of technical innovation system and facilitates sharing and industrialization of innovation results. After 5-10 years of development, it will upgrade China’s innovation ability in the industry of integrated circuit materials to the world-leading level.


Major tasks:

  (1) Make the strategic target of the Alliance technical innovations and keep revising the strategic target based on needs for integrated circuit industry and technologies.

  (2) Work together with Alliance members and take advantages in partnering the companies, education institutions, research institutes and and users, which will jointly take major R&D tasks in the fields of integrated circuit materials and speed up development, application and industrialization of core technologies and key products in the industry of integrated circuit materials.

  (3)Coordinate the technical resources of the Alliance, and organize the capable institutions to open resources on the basis of cooperation, build the professional public technical platform, jointly develop the key technologies in the fields of integrated circuit materials, develop the major innovative products, make sure companies better guide the needs of research bodies and research bodies provide stronger support to the companies’ technical innovations, and upgrade the core competitiveness of China in the industry of integrated circuit materials.

  (4) Work hard to build partnership between users and companies of integrated circuits, parts and components in technical development, quality management, product application, market expansion and HR development; build local supply chain needed by development of integrated circuit industry, and make contributions to fostering the world-class companies in the fields of integrated circuit materials.

  (5) Build the mechanism of sharing benefits among Alliance members, such as priority of IPR and patented technologies.

  (6) With the Alliance as the platform and bond, enhance technical cooperation, HR training and academic exchanges among world-leading organs and organizations in technical innovations.

  (7)Study the technical and industrial development in the fields of integrated circuit materials, thus providing policy-decision support to technical and industrial development in China and in relevant regions.