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[Proposal "13th Five-Year" (3)] Key material industrialization should reach 28 nanometer process requirements

[Proposal "13th Five-Year" (3)] Key material industrialization should reach 28 nanometer process requirements

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As the foundation of the development of the integrated circuit industry, materials not only play a supporting role in the integrated circuit industry, but also complement the process technology to promote the continuous upgrading of integrated circuit manufacturing technology and the innovation and development of the industry. In the process of realizing the safe and reliable development of the integrated circuit industry and the unrestricted technology update, the strategic position of integrated circuit materials is increasingly prominent.
"13th Five-Year" IC material overall goal
The overall goal of the material: the key material industrialization technology level reaches the 28nm process requirement, and realizes large-scale industrialization; some professional fields advance the industrial technology to the level of 20~14 nanometers, and the products enter the production line application; the research in the frontier technology field has a place; the completed materials Industry common technology application development platform; promote resource integration, create 2 to 3 world-class enterprises that are at the forefront of international peers; the material localization rate has the ability to reach 50%.
"13th Five-Year Plan" related key tasks
First, the development and industrialization of 300mm silicon wafers and SOI products. Focus on the introduction, digestion, absorption, and innovation to accelerate the research and development of 300mm silicon wafer technology for integrated circuit manufacturing, foster a team of continuous innovation talents, build an industrialized technology development system, and form a large-scale production capacity. The product technology level meets the requirements of domestic integrated circuit production process. And to achieve batch application; strengthen the construction of industrial technology development system and endogenous innovation ability, upgrade the technical level of 300mm silicon wafer to the requirements of advanced technology node of integrated circuit technology, meet the demand of high-end silicon wafer in China's integrated circuit industry, and lay the foundation in China The technology and team foundation of the large-diameter wafer industry independently controllable development, the domestic market share of 300mm silicon wafers reaches 50%; according to the global integrated circuit technology development route, and the demanding requirements of domestic mobile intelligent terminals for chip power consumption and cost, timely Developed 300mm fully depleted FD-SOI wafer material.
The second is the capacity building of photomask products for integrated circuit technology. To overcome the key technologies of mask information processing, mask preparation, defect detection, defect repair, etc., to develop supporting technologies such as reticle substrates, protective films and packaging boxes, and mask new materials to establish a neutral mask. Model data analysis and processing mechanism, built a high-end mask scale production base to support the development of domestic integrated circuit industry, providing mask production and service for more than 90% of high-end integrated circuit manufacturers in China, ensuring independent and controllable development of China's integrated circuit industry .
The third is the development and industrialization of advanced photoresist complete sets of products and ultra-high purity electronic gas. Focus on the development of 193 nm dry and immersion photoresist preparation technology to meet the 65nm-45nm-20nm lithography process requirements; further improve the 248nm photoresist industrialization technology level and strengthen the series product development, deepening the series products in the integrated circuit process Application; accelerate the development of 3D high-density packaging photoresist industrialization technology and promote production capacity, occupy the domestic advanced packaging photoresist market; strengthen the construction of photoresist supporting products and key raw material production capacity, for domestic high-end lithography The development of the rubber industry provides support. The domestic market share of photoresist for semiconductor manufacturing reaches 30%. Focus on the development of ion implantation, chemical vapor deposition, atomic layer deposition, etching and other processes with special electronic gas preparation industrialization technology, gas purity and gas varieties to meet the advanced process requirements of domestic integrated circuits, the formation of large-scale production capacity; Corporate mergers and acquisitions, cultivating China's electronic gas company entering the forefront of the world, creating China's electronic gas brand; building a special electronic gas engineering technology development base to support the continuous independent innovation of China's special gas field; domestic high-purity electronic gas technology level and supply capacity to meet Domestic IC manufacturing demand, market share of more than 50%.
The fourth is the development and industrialization of CMP polishing materials. On the basis of the existing polishing liquid industrialization technology, the product series is further extended to form a complete coverage of the technology and products for the mainstream polishing liquid for the integrated circuit CMP process; for the development of advanced technology nodes and new processes, new technologies and new materials, Innovative research and development of new polishing fluids, providing material solutions for advanced CMP processes, and occupying a place in the international CMP materials field; promoting the development of various types of new polishing fluids for three-dimensional through-silicon via (TSV) technology, maintaining international leading position; driving CMP The development and industrialization of polishing pads, diamond dressing discs, nano-abrasives for polishing fluids, etc., forming a situation in which the main materials of the CMP process are developed in a system; the domestic market share of series CMP polishing materials is 75%.
The fifth is the development and industrialization of sputtering targets and ultra-high-purity metal materials. Conquering the core technology of mass production of metal target materials for integrated circuit advanced technology, meeting the demand of high-end integrated circuit technology for sputtering targets; building a large-scale electronic grade ultra-high-purity metal raw material production base to provide support for domestic target production; comprehensive Enhance the supply of supporting services for target and related materials for integrated circuit PVD process; guide enterprises to integrate international resources, become bigger and stronger, and cultivate international brand target enterprises. The domestic market share of target products exceeds 70%.
Sixth is the development and industrialization of special packaging materials. Focusing on advanced packaging technology and green environmental development needs, focusing on the development of packaging substrates, lead frames, bonding wires, molding materials, underfill, mounting materials, thermal interface materials, and advanced packaging technology, such as packaging materials, industrialization technology Form an independent intellectual property system and production capacity, and the core technology has reached the international advanced level. Cultivate leading enterprises and promote the development of a number of specialized companies. The domestic market share of special packaging materials products is over 50%.
The seventh is the material technology and application process development platform for wafer fabrication and packaging processes. Relying on the lithography, CMP, etching and cleaning, advanced packaging and other materials application process equipment conditions established by the company, further improve related functions and upgrade the technology to make it play the role of material application process test platform; establish application process test platform sharing, Sharing and sustainable development operation mechanism, solving the current weakness of enterprises, unable to establish the application process test platform alone, accelerating the development of material industrialization technology; relying on integrated circuit and packaging technology pilot process research and development center (or research institute) construction material application evaluation platform , with the integrated circuit manufacturing and packaging of large manufacturers docking material evaluation standards and processes, the material application process evaluation data accumulation, to make up for the lack of materials into the integrated circuit manufacturing and packaging process before the verification process, accelerate material production applications process.
First, we must further implement the industrial policy. In order to encourage the development of the integrated circuit industry, the state has successively introduced relevant preferential policies, including the “Notice of the State Council on Printing and Issuing Certain Policies to Further Encourage the Development of the Software Industry and the Integrated Circuit Industry” (Guo Fa [2011] No. 4), etc. Incorporating the objective laws of the development of integrated circuit materials industry, formulating substantive relevant implementation rules to mobilize the enthusiasm for innovation and development of integrated circuit materials enterprises; at the same time, making dynamic adjustments to domestic product exports and foreign product import taxes and fees, for materials that can be produced domestically Products should be exempted from import tax exemption.
Second, we must establish a domestic material market promotion insurance fund. Some integrated circuit manufacturers have played an important role in supporting the trial of domestically produced materials. However, it is also necessary to study and formulate inclusive policies and take practical measures, such as establishing domestic integrated circuit materials application insurance funds, and reducing the use of domestic materials by integrated circuit companies. risk. Recently, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission jointly issued the "Notice on Launching the First (Set) Major Technical Equipment Insurance Compensation Mechanism Pilot Work", which is independently insured by equipment manufacturing enterprises and appropriately subsidized by the central government. The leverage of fiscal funds will stimulate insurance functions, share user risks in a market-oriented manner, and accelerate the promotion and application of major technical equipment. The domestic material market promotion insurance fund can also be implemented with reference to this example.
Third, we must concentrate resources to support leading enterprises. Strengthen cooperation and cooperation between relevant state departments and industrial organizations, focus on science and technology and industrial support funds in the field of integrated circuit materials, and focus on leading enterprises, develop industrial technology according to the planning and development needs of leading enterprises, and build a platform for cooperation between industry, academia and research based on leading enterprises. The ability of industrial technology innovation; the core team of leading enterprises to introduce special preferential policies for personal taxation, children's admission, purchase of houses, etc., to guide high-end talents to gather in leading enterprises, etc., to enhance the core competitiveness of leading enterprises.
Fourth, we must guide industry integration and M&A development at home and abroad.
Fifth, we must strengthen the construction of a legal environment for intellectual property protection and rights protection.
Sixth, we must strengthen the introduction of various talents and international cooperation.
Seventh, we must open up the IPO green channel for IC equipment and materials companies.