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Notice on holding the ICMtia-PALL joint technology seminar

Notice on holding the ICMtia-PALL joint technology seminar

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In the semiconductor chip manufacturing and flat panel display manufacturing process, how to reduce and control "defects and pollution" is a difficult technical problem that everyone must face. The complexities of defects and pollution not only have a major impact on the development process and yield of the chip manufacturing process, but also a major technical challenge for manufacturers of high quality materials and equipment for the semiconductor industry. Based on this integrated circuit material and parts industry technology innovation strategic alliance and the United States Pall company organized the application of defect control & filtration technology in the semiconductor and high-tech industries, the number of lectures is limited, please register to participate in the meeting, want Report as soon as possible. The specific arrangements for the meeting are as follows:
Lecture topic: Application of defect control & filtration technology in semiconductor and high-tech industries
Training Instructor: Huang Yucheng David Huang, Ph.D (Vice President of Pall Corporation / Specialist Expert Committee of ICMtia Expert Advisory Committee)
Lecture time: March 8, 2018 (Thursday / all day)
Venue: Beijing Liting Huayuan Hotel
Training fee: 1,200 yuan / person (available price of affiliate members), 2,000 yuan / person (non-union member price), costs include: full-day class hours + training handout fee + working lunch
Contact: Deng Xi,, 13810427396
Registration method: Please send the following registration form to the meeting contact before January 22, 2018. The quota will not be reserved. After the applicant has been approved, the conference team will notify me by email or SMS within three days of receipt of the receipt.


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ICMTIA-PALL Joint Technology Lecture – Application of Defect Control & Filtration Technology in Semiconductor and High-Tech Industries


Lecturer: Dr. Huang Yucheng, David Huang, Ph.D
(Pall Corporation Pall Corporation Vice President / ICMtia Expert Advisory Committee Specialist)
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Introduction to the lecture: The key point is how to reduce and control “defects and pollution”. This is a difficult technical problem that everyone must face in the semiconductor chip and flat panel display manufacturing industry. The causes of defects and pollution are complex and closely related to specific process application conditions, and it is difficult to remove or control. It not only has a major impact on the development process of the wafer manufacturing process, but also on the yield rate. It is also a major technical challenge for manufacturers of high quality materials and equipment for the semiconductor industry.
This course covers the application of filtration technology in high technology, including semiconductors and flat panel displays. Classification of filtration technologies, semiconductor manufacturing roadmaps and requirements for defects and contamination. Here, the source, classification, control and prevention of defects will be discussed. The importance of heavy metal ion pollution, the impact of pollution on wafer performance, the effect of removing pollutants on improving yield, and the importance and urgency of filtration technology for high-tech manufacturing. Through the analysis of the causes of defects and pollution, the application of high-end filtration technology to reduce defect pollution, improve the quality of semiconductor consumables, provide high-end materials; accelerate the development of wafer manufacturing processes, improve wafer yield. Filtration in the semiconductor and flat panel display industries to reduce defects and pollution applications include: the use of chemical materials, lithography, etching, fine grinding and cleaning processes.
To help students better understand and apply filtration techniques, we will also discuss filtration theory, including gas, liquid filtration, and removal of metal impurities. As a core technology for filtration, we will also discuss filter membranes to understand their material properties and compatibility with their chemical materials. Introduce the assembly, testing and fluid mechanics of filters. Finally, an introduction to filtering products, including the selection and application of Pall filters.
What you will learn:
1. The market trend of semiconductor and flat panel display industry
2. Semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing roadmap, requirements for defects and pollution
3. Causes, sources and classification of defects and pollution
4. Removal of nanoparticles
5. Causes, pollution and control of metal ions
6. Filter membrane material properties and chemical compatibility
7. Filtration mechanism, filter assembly
8. Filter selection and application
Appropriate audience: Technicians, engineers, technical managers and graduate students who participate in computer chip and flat panel display production and supply consumable equipment.
Schedule: Day. Morning / Filtering in applications that reduce and control defects; PM / Filter technology base and filter selection
[Program content]
Morning morning
General Introduction
· Filtration and High Tech Industries Filtration and High Tech
· Classification of Filtration filtered classification
· High Tech Industry Market and Future Trend High Tech and Future Trends
· Roadmap for Semiconductor & Flat Panel Display Semiconductor and Flat Panel Display Manufacturing Roadmap
Defect Control and Yield Improvement Defect Control and Yield Improvement
· Particle Defect Solid Particle Defect
· Metal Contamination
· In-coming Material Defect
· Process Defect process defects
· Defect and Yield Defects and Yields
For Semiconductor Manufacturing Filtration in Semiconductor Manufacturing
· Chemical Solutions Chemical Liquid Materials
· Lithography
· Wet Etch Clean wet etching, cleaning
· CMP chemical parts polishing
· Gas Purification Gas Purification
For Flat Panel Display filtering in flat panel display applications
· Chemical & Solutions Chemical Liquid Materials
· Lithography
· Wet Etch Clean wet and clean
Digital Printing filtering in digital printing applications
· Degas to remove gas
· Particulate Removal to remove solid particles
Afternoon afternoon
Filtration Technology Filtration Technology
· Air Filtration Air · Filtration
· Liquid Filtration liquid filtration
· Heavy Metal Removal Heavy Metal Ion Separation
Filter Media filter media and filtration mechanism
· Membrane filter membrane
· Fiber fiber
· Metal media
· Inorganic Media Inorganic Media
· Membrane Surface Modification filter membrane surface treatment
Filter Device filter
· Work Flow production process
· Flow Dynamics Fluid Mechanics
· Filter Characterization filter detection
Pall Products & Applications Pall Filtration Products & Applications
· Wet Processing wet process
· Gas Purification Gas Purification


[About the lecturer]


Dr. Huang Yucheng - Vice President, Pall Corporation, USA
Technical Service Department; Semiconductor Materials and Process Specialist



Dr. Huang Yucheng is currently the vice president of Pall Corporation and the Technical Service Department. Formerly Senior Global R&D Director, responsible for new product development for semiconductor, solar, flat panel TV production and manufacturing industries. Prior to joining Pall, he was the Director of CMP R&D at Praxair. Seagate, Intel Corporation Director / Senior Engineer. Dr. Huang has worked for more than 20 companies in the world for more than 20 years. From technology backbone to executives, he has extensive experience in first-line semiconductor wafer fabrication, consumables R&D and scientific management. Dr. Huang has also been involved in eight years of basic materials science research. He has worked at the Institute of Materials, Italian National Academy of Sciences, Lawrence Laboratory, Berkeley, California.
Dr. Huang received his Ph.D. in Materials Science Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. He studied new product development and engineering management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Australian Academy of Sciences. He was awarded the Intel Achievement Award (IAA, Intel for his significant contribution) when he worked at Intel Corporation in 2000. Employees). He has obtained a number of patents for semiconductor wafer, hard disk and semiconductor industry consumables production, published several academic papers, and delivered keynote speeches at international conferences. He has served as Chairman of China Semiconductor International Technology Conference (CSTIC) and China Solar International Technology Conference (CPTIC), and has served as a member of the American Academic Conference.
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