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Dalian F.T.Z CREDIT: Adhere to technological innovation and promote the development of electronic gas industry

Dalian F.T.Z CREDIT: Adhere to technological innovation and promote the development of electronic gas industry

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Established in 2001, Dalian F.T.Z CREDIT Chemical Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of high-purity electronic gases, high-purity metal organic compounds, high-purity metal alkoxy compounds and other optoelectronic materials. The products are mainly used in semiconductor technology fields such as large-scale integrated circuits, semiconductor lighting, liquid crystal display panels and solar cells.
Since its establishment, the company has established an independent electronic legal engineering technology research and development center with independent legal person status. It has experienced technical experts and a group of young and powerful researchers in the field, specializing in the development of high-purity special gases used in semiconductor processes. The key technologies for solving the synthesis, purification, detection and clean filling of electronic gas have won the National, Ministry, Provincial and Municipal Science and Technology Progress Awards, the National Semiconductor Technology Innovation Award, the National New Product Award, and the Liaoning Fine Special Product Award, a number of invention patents with independent intellectual property rights. Outstanding achievements have been made in development and industrialization. On the road of independent innovation in China, the company has received strong support from the state and local governments, and has undertaken many national “863” project, the National Development and Reform Commission industrialization demonstration project, and the research work of major national science and technology projects. In the process of exploring new technologies, they have made continuous progress based on domestically-owned technologies and the use of advanced foreign concepts. For the first time, the high-purity ammonia products developed by the company have realized the industrialization of 7N products in China, replacing imported products and reversing the long-term dependence of domestic high-purity ammonia on imports.
According to the company's development plan, the company has invested 120 million yuan in the construction of high-purity electronic gas industrialization project in Dalian Puwan New Area. After the completion of the project, there will be a qualitative leap in both the variety and the production capacity. Facing the future, the company will continue to adhere to the research and development strategy, pursue technological leadership, seize the high-tech electronic high-tech electronic research and development, and gradually occupy the international market with excellent product performance, expand market share and promote the development of the electronic gas industry. . (Submitted from Dalian Free Trade Zone Kelly Chemical Technology Development Co., Ltd.)