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Qiu Ciyun likes local semiconductor materials vendors on ITPC

Qiu Ciyun likes local semiconductor materials vendors on ITPC

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The International Technology Partners Conference (ITPC), held at the FairmontOrchid Hotel in Hawaii on November 9-12, is the world's highest-end industry summit in the semiconductor industry. This year's theme is "New Structures for Innovation" ". In the opening keynote speech, Dr. Qiu Ciyun, CEO and Executive Director of SMIC, the largest foundry in mainland China, sang a song to China's semiconductor industry, and fully recognized the fast-growing Chinese semiconductor material suppliers as a user. .
Qiu Ciyun believes that after 10 years of retreat, China Semiconductor Materials' products are the first to enter the leading semiconductor production line supply chain in batches, which is the pride of the entire Chinese semiconductor industry.
Jiangfeng Electronics has rapidly emerged in the R&D and production of ultra-high-purity metal materials and sputtering targets. The company's products have been mass-produced in 28mm process nodes of 300mm wafers in world-class semiconductor companies (such as TSMC, UMC, Toshiba, etc.). Production, immersed in the world-class level of production of ultra-large-scale integrated circuit chips, filling the gap in China's target industry. At present, Jiangfeng Electronics is undertaking the research and development of the national 02 major special project (20-14nm technology node related materials), and the technology has reached the international leading level and has extensive influence in related industries.
Shanghai Xinyang Copper Sulfate Electroplating Solution successfully entered the SMIC Central B1 Central Liquid Supply System and officially became the first supplier of SMIC Copper Sulfate Electroplating Solution. By continuously improving and optimizing the management of production systems, Xinyang effectively guarantees the stability of supply and the reliability of products, breaks the monopoly of foreign semiconductor material suppliers, and has successfully taken an important step in the localization of Chinese semiconductor materials. As a domestic first-line semiconductor material supplier, Shanghai Xinyang is also just around the corner to open its international market business. Shanghai Xinyang products involve professional electronic chemicals and their supporting equipment required before and after semiconductor manufacturing, such as TSV technology, dry etching cleaning technology, and wafer bump plating technology.
Anji Microelectronics, such as TSV technology, dry etching cleaning technology, and wafer bump plating technology, which are required for professional electronic chemicals and their associated equipment before and after semiconductor manufacturing, have been developed 90-40. Nano-scale IC technology node related products, and mass production of many large and leading semiconductor companies at home and abroad for several years. Starting from researching the 90-65nm technology node in 2009 and conquering the 45-28nm node in 2013, the key preparation and large-scale mass production technology of Anji polishing liquid is rapidly improved. At present, the development of 32-28nm technology node related products is being carried out by Anji. With the argumentation, relying on independent research and development, independent innovation completed three iterative upgrades of the product.
Qiu Ciyun said that SMIC is the largest and most technologically advanced integrated circuit foundry in China. SMIC provides foundry and technical services from 0.35 micron to 28 nanometers to customers worldwide. SMIC's achievements have been inseparable from the rapid development of China's semiconductor industry. With the continuous maturity and development of Chinese local IC companies, SMIC's role in the industrial chain has become increasingly prominent, and this benign interaction It also promotes the common progress of upstream and downstream enterprises. SMIC is very willing to cooperate with local Chinese design companies and suppliers to achieve better win-win results.
ITPC has been held in Hawaii for 29 years each year, initially to ease Japan-US semiconductor trade disputes. With the globalization of the semiconductor industry, Korea, Europe, Taiwan, Singapore and China have joined in. Since 2012, the organizer SEMI changed the name of the conference from “International Trade Partners Conference (ITPC)” to “International Technology Partners Conference (ITPC)”, which has become more and more important in the industry. The unique annual value of the annual event is to bring together the company's executives in the global semiconductor and related industries to discuss strategic investment, market and technology issues in the semiconductor value chain, thereby promoting nano and microelectronics manufacturing supply. Business cooperation and exchanges between global corporate executives in the chain. (From: IC design and manufacturing)