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2018 China Semiconductor Materials and Components Innovative Development Conference was Successfully

2018 China Semiconductor Materials and Components Innovative Development Conference was Successfully

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2018/12/05 10:38
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 "2018 China Semiconductor Materials and Components Innovative Development Conference" (hereinafter referred to as "Conference") was held in Beilun District, Ningbo City on Oct 29-31, 2018. Under the guidance of China Integrated Circuit Industry Technology Innovative Strategy Alliance, China Semiconductor Industry Association and Ningbo Municipal People`s Government, the Conference was organized by Integrated Circuit Materials and Components Industry Innovative Strategy Alliance and China Semiconductor Industry Association Supporting Branch,  and co-organized by Municipal People`s Government of  Beilun District, Ningbo, Ningbo Electronics Industry Association and Critical Materials Council. The following guests had attended this Conference, including Chenghe Gong, the Deputy Secretary General of CSIA, Weiwei Wang, Division Chief of Electronics Information Division of MIIT, Ying Shi, Expert of 02 National Project/Secretary General of ICMtia,  Simon Yang, CEO of Yangtze Memory Technologies Co.,Ltd, Qun Liang,  Secretary of Beilun District and Member of Ningbo Standing Committee, Haibo Lei, General Manager of Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Co., Ltd,  Steve Johnston, Director, Supplier Technology and Industry Development, Global Supply Management of Intel Corporation,  John West, Managing Director of VLSI Research Europe, Zhiyao Yin,  Chairman/CEO of AMEC, Nic Rossi,  the Asia Head of Supply Chain Operations at Lam Research, Guanyang Lin, Global Head of R&D and Technical Services in a business field of Merck Semiconductor Solutions, Carlos Flores Padilla, Strategic Sourcing Manager of ON Semiconductor,  Lita Shon-Roy,  President/CEO and founding partner of TECHCET,  and Leaders from NEBIC, NBSTI and NBDPC.General Secretary Ying Shi, the Chairman and CEO of Anji Microelectronics Co., Ltd Shumin Wang, Vice President of Jiangsu Nata Opto-Electronic Material Co., Ltd. Chongyi Xu, President & CTO of Konfoong Materials International Co. Ltd (KFMI) Lijun Yao, Sr. Market Analyst of TECHCET Dean W. Freeman host the Conference separately.

China's semiconductor industry is experiencing a period of rapid development. Materials and components are important links in the semiconductor industry chain and play an important supporting role in industrial development. In order to accelerate the innovative development of local materials and components enterprises, strengthen international cooperation  and create a local supply chain of innovation, integration, openness and win-win, nearly 400 well-known domestic and overseas experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from Semiconductor materials and components, IC manufacturing and packaging, high-level equipment enterprises gathered together, and 28 experts delivered speeches. Opinions on development trend of materials and components technology, market demand and supply chain development trend, international cooperation and localization integration path, and semiconductor manufacturing industry chain collaborative innovation development policies have been warmly discussed and exchanged during the Conference.

In the opening ceremony on 30 October, Ying Shi, Secretary General of ICMtia extended the warm welcome to all the participant guests and congratulated the successful Conference in advance on behalf of Jianli Cao, Chairman of ICTIA and the Former Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of PRC. Deputy Secretary General of CSIA Chenghe Gong delivered a speech. He pointed out that with the implementation of National IC Promotion Outline and the development of National IC investment fund, the Chinese Semiconductor industry chain is now embracing a new prosperity and obtaining huge achievements. However, the domestic semiconductor industrial chain requires progress in the views of satisfying the market needs. Efforts have to be made to gather the collaborations of whole industrial chain to build a cooperation platform, remove technical bottlenecks, develop major innovative products and accelerate the promotion of core competition of enterprises. Meanwhile, the platform must play its role in facilitate international cooperation to create wider business opportunities, while the power of single enterprise is limited. Organized by ICMtia, NBEA and CMC, the Conference is also the first try in the field of semiconductor materials and components, which will definitely exert positive effects on the innovative development between international collaboration and localization.

Director of Electronics Information Division of MIIT Weiwei Wang pointed out that the semiconductor industry is a fundamental strategy industry in the whole manufacturing chain, which can represent the development of emerging industries. IC materials and components industry has been always taking a leading role with the sustainable support of MIIT, like the project to reinforce the IC industrial infrastructures.  He hoped the whole industry can achieve a great progress and improvement under the support of industrial fellows, associations and alliances and the guidance of government. Meanwhile, Mr. Wang suggested that the industrial development must insist on the combinations between international cooperation and independent innovation, materials enterprises and applications, industrial development and financial support, so as to facilitate the collaborations of the whole industry, create a good industrial environment, and set a good example for contributing to more classic IC collaborations in China`s open market.

Secretary of Beilun District Qun Liang congratulated the successful beginning of the Conference on behalf of the Beilun District Committee and introduced the Beilun District and its development in general. He stressed that the leadership of Beilun District decided to comprehensively carry forward the innovative development strategies of IC industry and actively make profound plans for the newly high-end IC industry to prevail over in the industry competition, promote the impetus for a new development and to realize a new prosperity of Beilun District.  He also expressed appreciations to the support from 02 National Project Office, IMECAS, ICMtia and IC entrepreneurs. And he promised that the local government will spare no efforts to provide the best services to the local enterprises so that Beilun District can become the birthplace for a bulk of qualified IC enterprises.

Dr. Simon Yang mentioned how Yangze Memory successfully developed  XtackingTM  frame by independent innovation and the support they obtained from domestic materials enterprises in his speech. Holding the rules of honesty, diligence, and innovation and abiding with domestic and overseas legislative documents, the international competition of the company has been increased sharply. He also introduced the integrated planning of the company and expressed his hope on the domestic supply chain.

President of Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation Haibo Lei analyzed the rapidly developing chip manufacturing industry in China in his keynote speech “China's Chip Manufacturing Industry Development Prospects and Opportunities for Localization of Materials and Components”. He suggested that the whole semiconductor industry must be patient in strategy. The core technology cannot be developed in hurry and we cannot be able to rely on others. It requires time to forge a mature industry.  During the forging process, the focus of enterprises must be laid on the executive layers, technologies, and materials according to the growth of the enterprise. Only when breaking through the obstacles with mutual support can the whole industry become prosperous. 

In the keynote speech of “Positioning China’s Supply Chain for Success in an Interconnected, Data-Centric World”, delivered by Dr.Steve Johnson, the Director, Supplier Technology and Industry Development, Global Supply Management of Intel Corporation, he pointed out that the data revolution has been coming, and Intel has transferred the data-centric leadership into a drive force to push forward the company`s development. China`s semiconductor and supply chain has become a global hot spot.  Dr. Steve suggested that the development of Chinese supply chain must lay emphasis on safe working environment, competitive production cost, high-quality services that can meet diversity customer`s needs, effective technical solutions for customers, environment and sustainability.  Meanwhile, he hoped to build a brand-new cooperation link with Chinese equipment, materials and components manufacturers.

Dr. John West, the General Manager of VLSI Research Europe, introduced the product mix of global IC equipment subsystem and critical components, distribution status of global industry and development trend, as well as the demand area and the terminal market in his presentation. He emphasized that China is an important apply market but is also heavily import-dependent with low self-sufficiency rate. He believed that it is hopeful for China`s critical component and subsystem to experience a rapid growth period.

With abundant and convincible data, Dr. Zhiyao Yin, chairman and CEO of AMEC, analysed the importance of IC equipment and materials and the conflicts of asymmetry competitions in the views of applicable market and technology. Dr Yin pointed out seven crucial issues sharply in the current equipment and materials industry, covering that: capital weighs too much while the updates of talents and policies cannot catch up; investment on chip manufacturing weighs too much while the investment on equipment materials is rare; equity capital weighs too much while the low-interest loan and R&D subsidize are in short; to develop reliable, useful and cheap equipment has been a crying need; focuses must be laid on the crucial components to remove the bottlenecks; the protection of intellectual property must be took seriously; stock option incentive system that disperses the share ownership to all the staff shall be applied. He also appealed to concentrate much more on the development of equipment and materials industry so as to effectively support the IC chain`s development.

Nic Rossi, the Asia Head of Supply Chain Operations of Lam Research, analyzed the challenges faced by semiconductor equipment industry and the complexity and scalability of supply chain in his report “Supply Chain Design for Scalability”. He also introduced the Lam Research`s supply chain investment in China and their Chinese partners. He believed that Chinese supply base is crucial and reliable for Lam`s factories and spare parts manufacturing, and he hoped to expand the industrial investment in China in the future.

In the keynote speech on “Photoresists and Photolithographic Process Enhancement Materials”, delivered by Guangyang Lin, Global Head of R&D and Technical Services in a business field of Merck Semiconductor Solutions, he introduced the history of photoresists and the development of Merck`s photoresists products, the innovation and mechanism of photolithographic technology and the innovative development of photoresists materials. He also presented a high academic accomplishment by analyzing how to improve the performance of photoresists from the perspective of materials and introducing some of the newest cutting-edge photoresists materials.

In the afternoon, the following invited speakers made their excellent reports separately: General Manager of SP&C (Surface Preparation & Cleans) Dr. Rick Chen made a speech on “The Wafer Fab Cleans in Semiconductor Industry from a Materials Supplier Perspective”; Vice President of Jiangsu NATA Opto-electronic Material Co., Ltd Dr. Luping Wang spoke on “The Development Prospective of Integrated Circuit Electronic Gas in China”; Chairman/CEO of Anji Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd Dr. Shumin Wang delivered a speech on “Critical Roles CMP Technology Plays in IC Industry Development”; General Manager of Jiangsu Xinhua Semiconductor Materials Technology Co.,Ltd Xin Tian discussed on “Market and Rearch of High Pure Semiconductor Polysilicon For Integrated Circuit Industry”; CEO of  Hangzhou Cobtter Filtration Equipment Co.,Ltd made a speech on “IC Industry Application and Developement Nanofiltration Trends”; Senior Technical Advisor  of  ASM Pacific Technology Dr. John H. Lau discussed on “Materials Challenges for Flip Chip, WLCSP, and FOWLP”; the topic of Dr. Steve Liang, the Senior Vice President of Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was “IC Packaging Technology Development Trend and Industry Chain Opportunities”; the topic of  chairman of Ningbo HuaXin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Dr. Feihua was “Material Challenges and Opportunity for Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Technology of Emergence on Artificial Intelligence”; General Manager of Yantai Darbond Technology Co., Ltd Tian`an Chen made a speech on “High Thermal Conductivity DA Adhesive and DA Film Development”; while Chairman/ CEO of Shinhao Materials LLC Yun Zhang discussed on “Challenges and Opportunities for Advanced Packaging Materials in China-Electroplating Additives”.

Before the end of the quarters Conference, Ying Shi, the expert of 02 National Project and Secretary General of ICMtia, made a final report on “The Development Prospective of Semiconductor Materials Industry in China”. With a large number of reliable data, she analyzed the fast developed Chinese semiconductor materials market and industry statues, predicted the industry development, and provided suggestions for the entrepreneurs that it is necessary to have an overall perspective to expand business instead of chasing hot spots blindly; only to lay more emphasis on cooperation, diversity development, and benign competition can the enterprises move steady and fast. Meanwhile, Ms Shi suggested that domestic materials industry should focus on forging an ecological system of supply chain, which is “close cooperation, mutual support, symbiosis and win-win, coordinated development”, actively seeking international cooperation opportunities and creating a dynamic development of “innovation, embrace, collaboration and win-win” on the basis of self-innovation.

The reports on 31 October were still excellent, including “International Supply-Chain Management Challenges” from Strategic Sourcing Manager of On Semiconductor Carlos Flores Padilla, “Global Materials Markets & Supply-Chains” from President /CEO of TECHCET Lita Shon-Roy; “Developing Electronic Grade Materials in China for Global Customers” delivered by General Manager of Linggas(Tianjin) Ltd. Maria Ma; “Defect Control and Filtration for Delivery of Quality Materials” by Vice President of Pall Filter (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Dr. David Huang; “Deposition Materials - Past, Present and Future” brought by Sr Director of Advanced Deposition of Entegris.Inc Charles Chen; “Changing Regulations in China Impacting Materials Supply-Chains” brought by Senior Chemical Regulatory Affairs Manager of Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service Lisa Xu; “Semiconductor Metal Markets and Applications” from Sr. Market Analyst of TECHCET Dr. Dan S. Tracy; “Semiconductor Equipment Supply Chain Inside /Outside of China” made by General Manager of Piotech Limited Biao Wu; “Equipment Market Outlook & Component Market Segments” spoke by Sr. Technical & Market Analyst of  VLSI Research.Inc Dr. Fu Lin; “Used 200mm Tools – Changing Market Dynamics” brought by General Manager of SurplusGlobal Jonathan Shang; “Silicon Wafer Market and Forecast, Rise of Chinese Wafer Suppliers, Tightness of Market Allow Them to Enter Market” delivered by Sr. Market Analyst of TECHCET Dean W. Freeman.
During the Conference, the experts discussed about how to make efficient management when faced with the complex and changeable pressures brought by supplier chain.  And the following qualities were required for the suppliers: professional ethics, observing related laws and regulations, cooperating with the regular editing of customers, attaching highly concentrations on environment friendly and staff`s health, reliable products quality, competitive cost, quick and flexible response for service, short R&D period and fast listing, as well as steady and healthy operation for company.

Meanwhile, IC materials, technology and equipment had been discussed during the Conference, like electronics gas, thin file deposition, metal, and silicon materials, the defect control in the transportation, equipment, components, used tools for 8 inch silicon wafer manufacturing. Especially, the experts predicted the price trend for the materials. The price of metal materials had been increased since 2017, like copper and tungsten, but it has declined from the price peak recently; the prices of aluminum, tantalum, titanium, platinum, ruthenium, and rare-earth metal appeared to be different from one another; while the price of silicon materials has been increased since  2016 because of the tense supply and demand, and it was predicted that the price can reach to a peak in 2020 and then decrease steadily, in 2023, the balance of supply and demand can be reached.


In the morning of 1 November, a close-door speed dating was held among 11 International manufacturing factories and 25 domestic suppliers, including Intel, TowerJazz Panasonic, Infineon, Texas Instrument, On Semiconductor, Globalfoundries, Cypress, NXP, and Micron, which deepened the mutual understandings and broadened business visions.

An industrial training was also held during the Conference at the same time in the afternoon on 29 October. Sr. Market Analyst Dan S. Tracy and Sr. Technical Analyst Kuang-Han Ke from TECHCET made a fundamental training on basic semiconductor training, marketing for engineers, and supplier quality audit preparation &training. Meanwhile, General Manager of Xiamen Phocus Semiconductor Technology Co. Ltd and Director of R&D | Chemical Product Technology Manager of DFS Karl Urquhart delivered a training on precise real time control of chemical composition. More than 80 people attended the training, and positive feedback had been collected after the training.