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Shanghai Sinyang Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd

Shanghai Sinyang Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd

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   Shanghai Sinyang Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd is a high-tech company with technology as our leading factor. We are focusing on research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and services in electronic materials and its relevant surface treatment equipments. We mainly involved in electronic industry, semiconductor manufacturing, packaging test and assembly, solar cell manufacturing and aero-space electronic industries.

    Shanghai Sinyang was established in July, 1999, consists of more than 530 acres land, 17 thousands square meters manufacturing area. We also have 360 square meters 1000 class clean room and 2000 square meters advanced laboratories.

     Shanghai Sinyang was awarded the Shanghai High-tech Innovation Company, Shanghai Advanced Technology Foreign Invested Company, Shanghai Observing Contract and Trust Worthy AAA enterprises.At same time, Sinyang is also awarded National Semiconductor Technology Innovation Company and Shanghai Hi-tech Achievement Transformation Awards. In addition, it was qualified for IS09001, ISO014001, OHSAS18001, safe production license, dangerous products certificate and many other management qualifications.

    Shanghai Sinyang has been paying great attention to company culture development. Due to our unique culture in company, we are able to attract many talents. This is a long-term development for Sinyang and reserves strong human resources. This makes Shanghai Sinyang a company with strong technology developing abilities and market competitiveness. Sinyang has more than 19 masters and doctors, 60 bachelors and over 60% of our 200 employees are holding a diploma degree or higher.

    Shanghai Sinyang is determined on self-innovative development. We have 4 series of electronic materials with more than seventy electronic chemicals and twenty relevant equipment lines for semiconductor packaging and surface treatment. We have applied thirty patents of china and five of them are patent of invention. Our wafer level copper plating solution and additives are playing a leading role in advanced packaging field.

    Shanghai Sinyang has also established long term cooperation with Universities and research centers. Among them, there are Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Hong Kong Applied Science Technology Research Institute, Singapore Microelectronic Institutes and many others. Our cooperation includes technology development, technology interaction, talents training cooperation. Besides the Universities and research centers, Sinyang also have great communication and interaction with our customers. Many of our project are developed together with our customers.

    Shanghai Sinyang is holding firm to our motto, “Technique, Quality, Service, Cooperation”. Our advanced technology, stable products quality and sincere service are highly recognized by our customers. Sinyang has more than 180 customers now and is a well known brand in semiconductor packaging industries.

    Shanghai Sinyang is devoted into Through Silicon Via, Micro-Bumping, MEMS, Solar Cells and other wafer level plating materials. We also developed the ultra-pure materials and processes for wafer level wet processes like photo-resist stripping and cleaning. Now, Sinyang is putting a lot of efforts into semiconductor front end manufacturing, advanced packaging, solar cell manufacturing and other newly developed industries.

    Shanghai Sinyang will be among the leading material suppliers in semiconductor industry.