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China Resources Microelectronics

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On May 24, 2014, the Mass Production Application Supply and Demand Matchmaking Conference of localization of China Resources Microelectronics Materials and was held in Wuxi. The conference was sponsored by the Materials Alliance and undertook by China Resources Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Researcher Ye Xianchun, Leader of National Science and Technology 02 Major Project group and Director of Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the conference and delivered a speech. Academician Wang Xi, Deputy Leader of National Science and Technology 02 Major Project and Chairman of the Materials Alliance, delivered the opening speech. Shi Ying, Secretary General of the Materials Alliance, presided over the meeting. Chen Shuo, Chairman of China Resources Microelectronics Co., Ltd. made a keynote report and participated in the meeting with the responsible persons of R&D, quality and procurement of materials verification of subsidiaries such as China Resources Microelectronics, China Resources Shanghua, China Resources Huajing and China Resources Ansheng. A total of 170 people including Yu Xiekang, Zhang Xing and Zhang Bo, experts of National Science and Technology 02 Major Project group and other related member units of the Materials Alliance attended the activities.


Chen Shuo, Chairman of China Resources Microelectronics, gave a detailed explanation about the cooperation strategy of localization supply chain of China Resources Microelectronics. He pointed out that the mission of China Resources Microelectronics is to set off the banner of the national microelectronics industry and work hard to revitalize the Chinese national microelectronics industry. In 2013, the purchase amount of China Resources Microelectronics Materials was 1.5 billion yuan, and the localization rate was 49%. In the next three years, the goal of localization rate of China Resources Microelectronics Materials is to break through 70% and achieve the localization of key materials and spare components. This goal is more challenging than the targets set by National Science and Technology 02 Major Project. Su Wei, Deputy General Manager of China Resources Microelectronics R&D Center, introduced the work plan for localization application of China Resources Microelectronics Materials. Ge Dewei, Director of China Resources Microelectronics 8-inch factory, introduced the quality certification process of the company's domestic materials, put forward specific requirements for suppliers, and pointed out the key points of concern in the quality certification of domestic materials. Dr. Zhang Feng, General Manager of Shanghai Simgui, Dr. Pan Jie, Jiangfeng Electronics, and other material suppliers shared their experiences in technology development, production management and customer service of domestic materials. Groups were divided for discussion, and dozens of constructive suggestions were put forward in the meeting.


Academician Wang Xi pointed out that material enterprises have two important goals in the National Science and Technology 02 Major Project: one is to achieve 50% localization rate of integrated circuit materials in 2020, and the other is to produce one or two flagship enterprise(s) in the field of integrated circuit materials with the support of National Science and Technology Major Project. It’s hoped that the leaders, experts and peers of the upstream and downstream industry chain of integrated circuit materials will work together to build a flagship enterprise of China's integrated circuit materials.


Director Ye Tianchun fully affirmed the fruitful achievements of the matchmaking conference. He suggested to establish a working mechanism to carry out the long-term, continuous and pragmatic work of supply and demand matchmaking, so as to achieve win-win cooperation and make great achievement together.


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