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All companies in the column are rated A class in preliminary -evaluation of suppliers and their products are applied in batch in production lines of 8-inch and above integrated circuits. 

Criteria of rating: The rating is made according to the evaluation grade of corporate suppliers, batch production and application scope in technical nodes and others. For more details, please contact the Secretariat. 

Minwen Wang

CEO of Zhejiang Jinruihong QL Electronicy Co., Ltd.

Xuenan Zhang

TCL Zhonghuan Deputy Chief Engineer

Long Jin

General Manager of Nanjing Guosheng Electronic Co.Ltd

Xin Tian

General Manager of Jiangsu Xinhua Semiconductor Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Shihui Zhu

Vital Materials President

Zhuhong Fu

General Manager of Guangdong Huate Gas Co., Ltd.

Bingbing Huang

Chairman & Deputy General Manager of Fujian Deer Technology Co.Ltd

Yi Zhao

CEO of Dalian CREDIT

Biao Jiang

CEO & General Manager of Wlyton

Jinglong Cheng

President of Electronic Materials Division of Jiangsu Yoke Technology Co., Ltd.

Lingling Mao

Quzhou Hangzhou Oxygen Special Gas Co., LTD., Executive Director

Liu Bing

Chief Engineer of Suzhou Crystal Clear Chemical Co., Ltd
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