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The 2022 Annual Meeting of the Standardization Technical Committee of the Alliance was Grandly Held !

The 2022 Annual Meeting of the Standardization Technical Committee of the Alliance was Grandly Held !

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January 10-11, 2023, Zhongguancun integrated circuit material Industry Technology Innovation Alliance Standardization Committee 2022 annual meeting was held. The conference was held online, and representatives from 38 committee units attended the conference. The meeting was chaired by Chairman Liu Bing.

Wang Dafang, secretary of the bidding committee, reported the completion of major work in 2022 to all members. In terms of the formulation of group standards, under the organization and coordination of the Secretariat, the corresponding stages of the project formulation, formulation, examination and release of three batches of group standards (2021, 2022 and 2022) have been completed. A total of 22 group standards have been issued, achieving fruitful results in standardization.

At the same time, the project of "Construction and research of IC material standard System" has also achieved phased achievements. In February 2022, the research work of the project was officially launched, and five research groups composed of representatives from various committee units were set up to carry out specific work. In November, by collating and analyzing the research data and information, the secretariat completed a research report of more than 14,000 words, which deeply analyzed the current status and problems of China's IC material standard system, and put forward suggestions for the construction and improvement of the standard system.

In 2023, the formulation of group standards of the alliance will be closely combined with the research results of the system, the list of key and important standards in urgent need of reinforcement will be accurately determined, and the corresponding schedule will be formulated, and the project formulation and formulation of group standards will be systematically implemented.

After the report, the participating members had a positive discussion on the work report. The committee members unanimously expressed that all the work carried out with the secretariat as the hub has been meticulous and solid, especially the research work on the group standards and system has been steadily advanced, and the work of the 2022 standard committee has achieved satisfactory results. At the same time, they recognized the future work direction of the standard committee, and actively offered suggestions and shared experience. The final Assembly deliberated and adopted the work report on "Major Work in 2022 and work plan in 2023".

On the afternoon of the 10th and 11th, the conference was held in plenary and sub-group meetings respectively. Six standards including "Quality evaluation Index of integrated circuit material supplier", "Alumina ceramic products for integrated circuit", "20% fluorine/Nitrogen mixed gas for integrated circuit", "Sealing gasket for semiconductor silicon material process device", "high-purity al-scandium alloy target material for integrated circuit", "chemical mechanical Polishing pad for integrated circuit" were reviewed.

In the review process of each standard, the drafting unit will introduce the development of the standard and the detailed content of the standard one by one. After listening to the report and reviewing the relevant materials, the committee members and user representatives will review the content of the submitted draft of the standard and put forward specific comments and suggestions for modification. The meeting ended with a vote on the standards, all of which were adopted. The resolution shall be revised and submitted to the Secretariat for approval.