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Cobetter`s 20th Anniversary was Successfully Launched!

Cobetter`s 20th Anniversary was Successfully Launched!

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On February 18, 2023, Hangzhou Cobbetter Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. held the 20th anniversary celebration in Hangzhou Xiaoyao Manor, inviting all partners.

During the "Strategic Development and Cooperation Conference" of this event, Cobetter invited representatives from semiconductor companies such as SMIC, Huahong Group, Changjiang Storage, Changxin Storage, and life science companies such as Sherpa Biology and Zhenge Biology to witness the event.

Ms. Shi Ying, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of IC Material Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, delivered a speech.

The signing ceremony of C13 factory and the Industrialization Project of ultra-pure fluorine Materials and components for semiconductor was also held at the conference site. This means that Cobetter's "membrane world" will be extended to the 13th factory.

During the event, Cobbetter also organized a tour, showing a full range of Cobbett semiconductor filter 100 level clean workshop, 7000 square technology verification center, 200L ultra-clean packaging drum and high purity chemical lining equipment manufacturing workshop. The guests spoke highly of the company's rapid development, overcoming difficulties with technology and solving import dependence.