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Advanced Packaging Materials Technology Forum was Successfully Held in Dongguan

Advanced Packaging Materials Technology Forum was Successfully Held in Dongguan

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On July 7, 2022, sponsored by the Integrated Circuit Materials Industry Technology Innovation Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the "Alliance"), Guangdong Semiconductor Intelligent Equipment and System Integration Innovation Center, Guangdong Greater Bay Area Integrated Circuit and System Application Research Institute, Guangdong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The Advanced Packaging Materials Technology Development and Innovation Forum co-organized by Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Songshan Lake, Dongguan.

The scale of the forum is unprecedented, bringing together nearly 300 people from companies and related associations in the fields of chip design, packaging and testing, carrier board/like carrier board, advanced packaging materials, packaging equipment, etc. The most successful enterprises in the forum participated in the forum and gave special speeches.

The first half of the forum was chaired by Secretary-General Shi Ying of the Materials Alliance.

Tianchun Ye, Sean of Guangdong Greater Bay Area Integrated Circuit and System Application Research Institute delivered a welcome speech at the online forum. Dean Ye praised the organizers and co-organizers for facilitating this forum, and hoped that all participating units could gain something. I wish the forum a great success.

Lin Tingyu, chief scientist of Guangdong Semiconductor Intelligent Equipment and System Integration Innovation Center, delivered a speech. Dr. Lin introduced the construction and development plan of the Fozhixin Innovation Consortium and its innovative research in the field of microelectronic packaging. Dr. Lin welcomed the guests and hoped that everyone would gain something from the forum.

Liu Shufeng, Chairman of Shengyi Technology delivered a speech, introducing the concept of "Material Determines Products" and excellent product design and development capabilities of Shengyi Technology. He said that Shengyi Technology would play a more important role in the research and application of basic materials through continuous efforts.

Dr. Zheng Jiantao, a senior expert in packaging design, introduced the development trend of packaging and packaging substrates; analyzed the current situation of packaging-related materials in China through two pictures of "Panoramic View of Packaging Materials" and "Panoramic View of Substrate Materials"; Practical cases, from the perspective of end users, give suggestions and requirements to material suppliers.

Yu Bin, a senior expert in microelectronics packaging, introduced the development trend of communication chips and packaging, and gave a detailed description of the characteristics and requirements of various packaging materials such as packaging substrates, plastic packaging materials, underfill adhesives, and PI materials. The gap between the material and the international advanced level; call on domestic material suppliers to continue their efforts.

Chen Xianming, CEO of Vietya Semiconductor, explained the profound changes in the world semiconductor structure in recent years by introducing the rapid growth of the semiconductor market and the transfer of the industrial chain. At present, the demand in the domestic market is huge, and the substrate and substrate materials mainly rely on the supply of foreign manufacturers. Mr. Chen emphasized that currently the packaging substrate and core raw materials are the weakest links in the domestic semiconductor industry chain, and it is necessary to focus on development to strengthen the shortcomings.

Zeng Yaode, chief engineer of Shengyi Technology, introduced Shengyi's packaging substrates. Through the superior performance of independent core technology products such as resin development and modification, comprehensive quality control, and lean manufacturing, as well as verification cases in various fields, the products are used in multiple terminals. Customer's certification and put into use.

Liu Qianfa, director of the National Electronic Circuit Substrate Engineering Technology Research Center, focused on the technical route and product structure of Shengyi Technology's advanced packaging laminated film (SIF) series products, as well as a number of excellent performances of SIF series products.

Wang Dian, Technical Director of Gartland Microelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., introduced the development history of millimeter-wave radar, compared the difficulty and cost of AiP modules with different processes, and discussed the application of millimeter-wave radar in automotive surround view, cabin, industrial, intelligent Different application scenarios such as home are introduced.

Yu Daquan, chairman of Xiamen Yuntian Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the technological development of RF device system packaging, bringing vertical through-hole three-dimensional packaging technology, new fan-out packaging technology, low-cost glass through-hole technology, etc. to solve higher-level systems packaging scheme.

Cui Chengqiang, chairman and general manager of Guangdong Fozhixin Microelectronics Technology Research Co., Ltd., made a detailed report on the technical background, key issues, research progress, application and reliability of glass substrates. He said that glass is an excellent inner layer of FCBGA packaging substrates. It has great potential in high-frequency chips, optoelectronics, MEMS and other fields.

Huang Mian, general manager of Shenzhen Zhongke Sihe Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the board-level fan-out packaging (FOPLP) technology. He said that one of the key points of FOPLP technology is the integration of homogeneous and heterogeneous multi-chips. With the development of the market, it will expand to more Heterogeneous integration of large-scale dimensions, the demand for modularization continues to grow.

Su Zhi, chairman of Guangzhou Fangbang Electronics Co., Ltd., introduced the development progress of strippable ultra-thin copper foil for packaging substrates. He proposed a solution with L/S of 25/25um and below, which can realize strippable technology by physical means. At the same time, it maintains stable peelable force and crystalline morphology. The SAP process is realized by controlling the customized copper foil surface morphology transfer, and the mSAP process can also be realized after the copper reduction process.

Shi Ying, secretary general of the Materials Alliance, pointed out that new opportunities in the industry and opportunities for new materials achieve each other. The alliance actively plays a bridge role in promoting the innovation and development of the industrial chain, and makes recommendations for more national support. Secretary-General Shi Ying thanked Shengyi Technology for participating in the planning and organization of this forum, which reflects the concept of cooperation and innovation between upstream and downstream. Afterwards, Secretary-General Shi Ying presented a thank-you card to Chen Renxi, President of Shengyi Technology.


After the forum, all the participants went to the Shengyi Technology Songshan Lake Factory to visit the Shengyi Technology Exhibition Hall, the National Engineering Center Laboratory, and the soft material production line.