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ICMtia Members Participate in the "Quality Assurance and Customer Service" Training Conference

ICMtia Members Participate in the "Quality Assurance and Customer Service" Training Conference

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On November 10, 2021, the "Quality Assurance and Customer Service" training meeting jointly organized by the Integrated Circuit Materials Industry Technology Innovation Alliance (hereafter "ICMtia")and KFMI Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. was successfully held. In view of the impact of the recent epidemic, this meeting was conducted by online training. 142 representatives from 45 member companies of the alliance participated in this training. The integrated circuit manufacturing process is complex and demanding. The quality and safety standard of the integrated circuit industry is "no mistakes are allowed." It is hoped that through this comprehensive quality management sharing, the quality control capabilities and management systems of integrated circuit materials companies will be improved and better Serving the integrated circuit manufacturing industry. The Secretary-General of the Alliance Ying Shi attended the meeting. Yueyue Tang, Director of Quality Department of KFMI Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., Diyan Lu, Chief of Quality Assurance Section, and Liqing Wang, Chief of Quality Control Section, served as lecturers for this training.

Secretary-General of ICMtia Ying Shi first welcomed the representatives of the companies participating in the meeting and thanked KFMI' training instructors. The improvement of supplier quality management is a work that ICMtia has been insisting on for a long time. The purpose is to make each enterprise of ICMtia do the best in terms of quality assurance and customer service. Some problems were discovered during the pre-assessment questionnaire review process. The Alliance Secretariat conducted full communication and preparations with KFMI' quality control experts on these problems, and jointly organized this targeted training. In the future, a series of training will be carried out according to the needs of the member companies of ICMtia. I hope that today's training and discussion can play a positive role in the company's supplier management and quality improvement.

Yueyue Tang, Director of Quality Department of KFMI, introduced the importance of quality management system to product quality, and introduced the application of IATF16949 five major tools, focusing on the application of FMEA and MSA in enterprises; Through customer audits, we are fully familiar with the requirements of integrated circuit manufacturing customers for the supplier's quality management system. The quality department of the company must pass the system requirements to all levels of the company, and all employees will participate in the joint improvement of product quality. At the same time, she also shared KFMI' relevant experience in equipment management, change control, material evaluation, and document control.

Quality Control Section Chief  Liqing Wang introduced the application of process management and control in enterprises, introduced the basic knowledge of SPC, the criteria for discriminating differences, and the application of control charts. In the actual production process, the factors such as human, machine, material, method, environment, and measurement Explain the impact of product quality and how to take active measures to avoid and eliminate the impact.

Quality Assurance Section Chief  Diyan Lu shared relevant experience in customer service, focused on how to deal with customer complaints, explained in detail the implementation process of 8D reports, and explained the application of 8D in actual production by sharing news cases.

After the training, the representatives actively participated in the quality questionnaire evaluation. At the same time, thanks to the training lecturers for their professional knowledge and experience sharing in the quality management of the integrated circuit industry. This training was well received by the participants, and representatives suggested that ICMtia will organize more related professional training activities in the future.