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2021 China Semiconductor Materials Innovation and Development Conference was successfully held in Guangzhou

2021 China Semiconductor Materials Innovation and Development Conference was successfully held in Guangzhou

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2021 coincides with the beginning of China 's "14th Five-Year Plan". It is a general trend and general direction for the entire industry to respond to global technology and market changes, concentrate the advantages of the domestic integrated circuit manufacturing industry chain, and strengthen the upstream and downstream interconnection of the integrated circuit material industry chain. In this context, the "2021 China Semiconductor Materials Innovation and Development Conference" organized by the Materials Alliance and the Supporting Industry Branch of the China Association of Semiconductors will be held in Huangpu District, Guangzhou on November 1-3, 2021. The "Supply Chain Innovation and Development Conference" was held at the same time.

National 02 Science and Technology Major Special Technology Chief/Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of China Integrated Circuit Innovation Alliance, Tianchun Ye, Qiang Guo, President of GTA Semiconductor Co., Ltd., Li Zheng, CEO of JCET Group, and COO of XMC, Peng Sun, Executive Vice President of HLMC, Chenbin Ke, Jianhong Yang, Deputy General Manager of WLCSP, Yipei Yuan, Rotating President of Sino IC Leasing, and Deputy General Manager of Piotech, Xiaoyong Zhang and other special guests, as well as guests from user companies, like CR Micro, CanSemitech, GalaxyCore Shanghai Limited Corporation, Meadville, Sisemi, TSHT, ICSprout, Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and NCAP China attended the meeting.

This conference brought together more than 200 Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs, experts and scholars in the fields of integrated circuit manufacturing, packaging and testing, key materials and equipment manufacturing. The situation, technology, and new demands generated by the market were deeply and enthusiastically discussed.The invited Guests, Dr. Ziqi Zheng, CTO of TFME, Dr. Rick Chen, General Manager of Merck Group, Dr. Junhua Li, Chairman of Peric, and Dr. Yuchun Wang of Anji Microelectronics, Dr. Zhibiao Mao, Vice President of Nata Opo-Electronic Materials, Dr. Dan P. Tracy , Senior Market Analyst of TECHCET and Ying Shi of Secretary-General and other well-known experts in the industry gave a wonderful report.

Dr. Zheng Ziqi, CTO of TFME. gave a report on "Requirements for Advanced Packaging and Materials".

Dr. Rick Chen, General Manager of Merck Group, gave a report on "Expecting the Evolution of Electronic Technology and Semiconductor Material Innovation in the Technology Convergence Era".

Dr. Li Junhua, Chairman of PERIC, gave a report on "Current Situation and Development Expectation of Electronic Gases Used in Integrated Circuits".

Dr. Wang Yuchun, Vice President of Anji Microelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., gave a report on "The Art of CMP, The Scientific Principles of Material Engineering at Nano Interface".

Dr. Mao Zhibiao, deputy general manager of Ningbo Nata Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd., gave a report on "Opportunities and Challenges of ArF Photoresist Localization".

Dr. Dan P. Tracy, Senior Market Analyst of TECHCET.LLC, gave a report on "Development Prospects, Challenges and Emerging Opportunities in the Semiconductor Material Market".

Ying Shi, executive vice chairman and secretary-general of the Integrated Circuit Material Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, gave a report on the "Current Situation and Development Trend of China's Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Material Industry".

During the conference, the 2nd IC Material Award Ceremony was grandly held. A total of 29 awards including Technical Research Awards, Best Cooperation Awards, and Best Contribution Awards were awarded. Mr. Tianchun Ye, Chief Technical Officer of the 02 Special Project and Mr. Zheng Li presented trophies and five-star product certificates to the winners online.

On the afternoon of November 3, the Materials Alliance and Merck Group jointly held the Advanced Materials Workshop. There were in-depth discussions on the latest material technology progress and future development trends in the fields of photoresist, CMP, electronic special gas and advanced packaging, and some representatives visited Merck’s innovation Hub in Guangzhou.

During the conference, a special matchmaking meeting and a comprehensive matchmaking meeting were also held. Cansemitech, XMC, GTA Semiconductor, Sisemi, HSHT, LCSP,NCAP China, Meadville and other 12 domestic and foreign manufacturers , Packaging and testing companies and 57 domestic material suppliers conducted centralized or one-to-one closed-door exchanges, which played a positive role in promoting international and domestic semiconductor manufacturing companies to deepen their understanding of Chinese material suppliers and intensify cooperation between supply and demand.



At the same time as the meeting, the 2021 membership meeting of the Material Alliance and the fifth council of the third session were held. A total of more than 100 members of the council and representatives of member units attended the meeting. Development has given important instructions.

Nominated and recommended by Dr. Lijun Yao, the first rotating chairman, the board of directors unanimously approved Dr. Wang Shumin, CEO of Anji Microelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. as the second rotating chairman. The secretariat comprehensively reported the alliance’s 2021 work summary and next work plan to the delegates, reviewed the amendments to the alliance’s articles of association, the changes in the board of directors of NCAP China and GRIKIN, and discussed other matters. The board of directors also commended outstanding informants who have made breakthroughs in the collection of application information for mass production of domestic materials.