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2019 China Semiconductor Materials Innovation and Development Conference Held Successfully

2019 China Semiconductor Materials Innovation and Development Conference Held Successfully

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2021/04/23 10:49
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    “2019 China semiconductor Materials Innovation and Development Conference”(hereinafter referred to as “Conference”) was ceremoniously held in Beilun District, Ningbo City On from Sep.10-11, 2019. Under the guidance of National Science and Technology Major Projects Management Office, Ningbo Municipal People’s Government, CSIA and ICMtia, the Conference was organized by general experts of National Science and Technology Major Projects, ICMtia and China Semiconductor Industry Association Supporting Branch, and co-organized by Municipal People’s Government of Beilun District, Ningbo, Ningbo Electronics Industry Association.

    Gang Qiu(Deputy inspector of National Science and Technology Major Projects, deputy head of National Science and Technology Major Projects Management Office), Tianchun Ye(Chief Engineer of National Science and Technology Major Projects, director of Institute of Microelectronics,CAS), Weiwei Wang(Division Chief of Electronics information Division of MIIT), Bingrong Chen(Deputy Mayor of Ningbo Municipal People’s Government) made speeches at the conference.

    Ying Shi(General Secretary of ICMita and CSIA Support Industry Branch), Xudong Sun(Head of Beilun District Municipal People’s Government), Wangrong Wu(Deputy Secretary of Ningbo Municipal People’s Government), Lei Shi(General Manger of TongFu Microelectronics Co., Ltd.) Limin Zhou(Vice President of Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Co.,Ltd.), Feng Hong(CEO of Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation Limited), leaders of Ningbo Science&Technology Bureau and relevant departments of Beilun District attended the opening ceremony. This conference take “intensify international cooperation, accelerate technological upgrading, promote ecological industrial development” as the theme, explore the “Innovation, Integration, Embrace, Win-Win”for the path to semiconductor material supply chain.

    This conference specially invited Richard Chang Ph.D(Chairman of SiEn (Qingdao) Integrated Circuits Co., Ltd.), Jet Chen(Deputy Director of Lithography Engineering Department of TSMC Nanjing Company Limited), Kai Wang Ph.D(CEO of Siengine Technology Co., Ltd.), Brian Lv Ph.D(President & CEO of Piotech Co., Ltd.), Dan S.Tracy Ph.D(Sr. Market Analyst of TECHCET CA LLC.), Lu Fei Ph.D(Executive Vice Presidentof Zing Semiconductor Corporation), Jun Li(Chief inspector of GrandiT project), Toshihisa Nonaka Ph.D(Technical Director of Packaging Solution Center, Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd), Victor Qi Ph.D(Technical Director for 5G Projects, AKM Electronics Technology (Suzhou) Company Ltd.), Khaled Atta(Senior Technical Partner of Hangzhou Cobetter Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd) for making a splendid report. Secretary Ying Shi, Shumin Wang Ph.D(President of Anjimirco Shanghai Co.,Ltd), Congying Xu Ph.D(Vice president of Jiangsu Nata Opto-electronic Material Co., Ltd) conducted the conference separately.

    More than three hundred people attended the conference including HUAWEI, HiSilicon, SMIC, HLMC, YMTC, CR Micro, CR Micro Chong Qing, SK Hynix, NSI, Changxin Memory, TFME as the end user, equipment manufacturing enterprise,ICMita,CSIA Support Industry Branch representative. An impassioned discussion and exchange is conducted for international semiconductor advanced manufacturing technology development and demand, local supply chain ecological development trend of semiconductor materials in China, 5G communication and automotive electronics and other new technologies to drive the integrated circuit industry and International cooperation and localization integration.

Conference site

    The conference opening at 10th September forenoon, where deputy mayor give all leaders and guests a sincere welcome on behalf of Ningbo Municipal People’s Government and a warm congratulation to the hold of conference. Then the general situation of Ningbo is introduced by the deputy mayor that Ningbo has become the No.15 Nationwide city which the GDP reaches trillion. He pointed out that the IC industry is the key basic industry for supporting high-quality development of manufacturing industry in Ningbo, so the government attaches great importance to the development of this industry for increase efforts to promote IC industry layout. Deputy mayor thanks the constant support from National Science and Technology Major Projects and Institute of Microelectronics,CAS and then emphasizes that IC is the strategic industry for future, so all new ideas are expected to be given from all the experts for further deepen cooperation with the majority of enterprises and research institutes to create cooperation platform for building Beilun Ningbo into high-end digital smart port.

Speech from deputy mayor Bingrong Chen

    Division Chief Weiwei Wang pointed out in his speech that Semiconductor materials are the foundation of IC manufacturing industry and local semiconductor material industry had developed quickly with the leading of advanced technology development and 5G, AI and other market development. He made three suggestions for the development of semiconductor materials industry in China: First, pursue both innovation and cooperation, strengthen independent research and development while embrace the world. Second, use industrial mind for plan layout, solve the semiconductor material development bottleneck from the industrial development breakthrough. Third, Enterprises should take advantage of the national semiconductor development, with the help of social capital and local government and other relevant forces, broaden the development ideas, learn from successful model, achieve rapid development, eliminate the shortcoming of semiconductor materials industry in China and enhance the advantages.

Speech from division chief WeiWei Wang

    Tianchun Ye(Chief Engineer of National Science and Technology Major Projects) said during the speech that with the guidance of National major projects and big fund in the last decade, China's semiconductor industry is developing rapidly, a number of key varieties, such as target materials and polishing fluid showed up, substitute import products and entered the international market. However, the IC industry is an industry with huge investment and high operating cost, so China's integrated circuit industry needs to realize the transformation from high-speed development to high-quality development. In this transfer of semiconductor industry, the localization of materials and the establishment of local supply chain are very important, which can reduce the operating cost of the whole industry and make a great contribution to the industry development. He pointed out that, when facing the future 2030 strategic development opportunities, in order to solve the problem of bottlenecks and the issue of independent development, the challenges must be overcame to transform high-speed development to high-quality development, establish key material varieties and pursue characteristic and high value-added products, win better profit margin, form good development ecology, cooperate closely with users, recruit talents and make contributions to the development of new products. IC Industry need to conduct resource integration, avoid duplication, and cooperation strongly to form a number of large enterprises to support the industry development.

    He also indicated that, since the implementation of major projects, industrial cooperation has been emphasized, The materials alliance founded under the support of major special projects has played a very good role. He suggested that the alliance should optimize the cooperation mechanism and internal decision-making mechanism to provide better services for enterprises.


Speech from Tianchun Ye(Chief Engineer of National Science and Technology Major Projects)

    Deputy inspector Gang Qiu congratulated the opening of the conference, she encouraged domestic IC materials enterprises to focus on international cooperation and achieve win-win results while keeping independent innovation.

Speech from Gang Qiu(Deputy inspector of National Science and Technology Major Projects)

    Jet Chen(Deputy Director of Lithography Engineering Department of TSMC Nanjing Company Limited) gave the speech on topic “The High Quality Material VS Advanced Technology”, which pointed out the importance of High specification wafer manufacturing materials to the advanced process, and the demand of advanced processes for nearby supply of raw materials is becoming higher and higher. The key to pursuit excellent quality is raw materials where the high - end IC manufacturing needs the stability of raw material precision control quality. To ensure the excellent quality of TSMC, reduce the manufacturing risk of relying heavily on imports, it is hoped that more resources can be invested in the research and development and quality improvement of wafer manufacturing materials in China.

Keynote speech from Jet Chen

    Richard Chang Ph.D(Chairman of SiEn (Qingdao) Integrated Circuits Co., Ltd.) gave a speech on topic “Historical Opportunity of China's Semiconductor Material Industry Chain”, this speech analyzed the overall situation of the development of China's semiconductor material industry chain where domestic silicon wafer, special gas, target material, polishing fluid has developed to a certain level; but photoresist, special chemicals, photomask and other materials are still relatively poor, need to focus on the development. It is suggested that the chip design, manufacturing, equipment and material technologies should be developed in a coordinated way to achieve autonomy and improve the comprehensive national strength.

Keynote speech from Richard Chang

    Kai Wang Ph.D(CEO of Siengine Technology Co.,Ltd.) shared the current situation and development trend of automotive electronic chip industry and analyzed the difference in material requirements for chip manufacturing such as automotive electronics and mobile phones in the speech “The Automotive Electronics Development and Semiconductor Materials Evolution”, he metioned that the future development direction of silicon carbide/gallium nitride will be more efficient and higher energy density.

Keynote speech from Kai Wang

    Brian Lu Ph.D(President & CEO of Piotech Co., Ltd.) pointed out in the speech “Development Synergy and Technology Breakthrough in Semiconductor Equipment and Materials” that China's semiconductor equipment and materials grew at the same pace for the fifth consecutive year as global growth in semiconductor equipment and materials slowed. He focused on the symbiosis between chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and atomic layer deposition (ALD) devices and gaseous materials, where new technology development requires domestic equipment suppliers to cooperate with chemical precursor manufacturers to make breakthrough.

Keynote speech from Brian Lu

    Dan S.Tracy Ph.D(Sr. Market Analyst of TECHCET CA LLC.) gave the speech on “Material Challenges and Opportunities for Emerging Device Applications” to point out that the supply chains are changing because of trade disputes between China and  United States, Japan and South Korea, this leads to revenues declined in 2019 in the global semiconductor materials market, but some materials are still growing because of advanced devices and technologies, in particular, the supply of helium, neon, hydrogen fluoride and phosphoric acid was analyzed, and the market development trend of polishing materials, precursors, special gas, wet chemicals and SOI wafers from 2018 to 2023 was predicted. 

Speech from Dan S.Tracy Ph.D

    Lu Fei Ph.D(Executive Vice President of Zing Semiconductor Corporation) gave a excellent speech on “300mm Wafer in China’s IC Ecosystem”to analyse the current situation and future development driving force of global IC industry where China's semiconductor IC industry will be a major driving force for the global industry in the next decade, emphasize that silicon wafer will still be the main substrate material for chip manufacturing, with an introduction of the core technology of large silicon wafer manufacturing. He also mentioned that there are currently 14 companies in China which officially announced their involvement in the 300mm silicon wafer industry, that exceed the number of 300mm silicon wafer companies in the world. It is suggested that China make rational planning to guide the development of industry because the total planned production capacity of these companies is 6.92 million units per month, higher than the current world total.


Speech from Lu Fei Ph.D

    Jun Li(Chief inspector of GrandiT project) shared in the speech “Insights of Industrial Development of Electronic Fluorinated Materials for IC Fabrication in China”the background, application and current situation of fluorine-containing electronic chemical materials and analysed the international and domestic suppliers and capacity about fluoroelectronic gases and fluoroelectronic wet chemicals. He pointed out the development of fluorine-containing electronic chemical materials has resource advantages in China, we should pay attention to the importance of the integrity of the industrial chain, he hoped the development, production and application of fluorine-containing electronic materials can all be in China in the near future.

Speech from Jun Li

    Toshihisa Nonaka Ph.D(Technical Director of Packaging Solution Center, Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd) made the speech “Total Solution Providing of Cutting Edge Package” to show the necessity of encapsulating the integrated solution center and the importance of location selection. Then he introduces the equipment line of package integrated solution center and the solutions for various processes, he thought It is meaningful to bring together truly relevant equipment and materials companies to form alliances.

Speech from Toshihisa Nonaka Ph.D

    Victor Qi Ph.D(Technical Director of AKM Electronics Technology (Suzhou) Company Ltd.) introduced the main points of 5G MMW technology in his speech “The Millimeter Wave Module Packaging Based On Flexible Substrates”, also the Characteristics of a radial circuit board. He presented the opportunity of existing AiP technology and radial substrate and shared several key process solutions.

Speech from Victor Qi Ph.D

    Khaled Atta(Senior Technical Partner of Hangzhou Cobetter Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd) made the speech “Opportunities in the Packaging of Semiconductor and Electronic Chemicals” to introduce the reality of semiconductor packaging drums and propose a scheme of manufacturing packing drum with high purity HDPE material, then showed the development, design and manufacturing process in detail, hope to improve the packaging technology of electronic materials, provide customers with a full packaging services.

Speech from Khald Atta

    On 11th September, 11 domestic and foreign manufacturing, sealed test companies including TSMC, SK Hynix, YMTC, CR Micro Chong Qing, SiEn,United Semi, Changxin Memory, Xintianhe Tianjin,  CorEnergy, TFME, Ky-SZ and 46 domestic material suppliers made one on one communication to help international and domestic semiconductor manufacturers deepen the understanding of Chinese material supplier and business development.

ICMita speed Dating

    Government-Company Discussion Forum is also held at the same time. Beilun District Municipal People’s Government carried on the detail description to the existing project, the industrial policy and the future plan and so on, and  conducted accurate and effective communication with the materials enterprises. This link promotes the establishment of IC materials enterprises in Beilun district and the improvement of local IC industry chain.

Activity site of Government-Company Discussion Forum

    China's IC industry talent gap is huge, according to “China integrated circuit industry talent white paper(2017-2018)”, this number will reach 320000 around year 2020. In order to let more students in universities understand the IC industry, promote the communication between students and enterprises, ICMita use the influence of conference to held IC Talent Salon on 11th September, experts or senior leader in the IC field are invited from Nata , KFMI, S&J, Anji and LinkOne to introduce the IC industry and various enterprises to students, share their career and entrepreneurial experience, provide a rare opportunity for students and enterprises to exchange. More than 200 students participated the conference, and the expert lectures aroused strong resonance among the students. With the warm atmosphere at the conference, it help to attract local college talents into the IC industry and alleviate the shortage of talents in local enterprises.

Activity site of IC Talent Salon

    At the afternoon of 11th September, ICMita held the Third second time council. During the meeting, general secretary Ying Shi reported the work of the alliance in the first half year 2019, then by the approved by the council, 7 companies joined the alliance includingEurope-China Electronic Materials Co.,Ltd., Zhejiang Jingsheng Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd., BEFAR Group Co.,Ltd., Shenzhen Capchem Technology Co.,Ltd., Shenzhen Zhicheng CVD Materials Inc, Qinyang Guo Shun Gui Yuan Guang Dian Qi Ti Co.,Ltd., Xi'an ESWIN Silicon Wafer Technology Co.,Ltd.

Council site of the Third second time ICMita council

    Later, the CSIA Support Industry Branch Fifth General Assembly is held to reported the work of branch secretariat in the past four years, and general election is organized to voted for the fifth council member units election.

Council site of CSIA Support Industry Branch Fifth General Assembly