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Linggas`s High-Purity Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Pingdingshan Plant Put into Operation

Linggas`s High-Purity Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Pingdingshan Plant Put into Operation

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The high-purity nitrous oxide Pingdingshan plant invested and constructed by Linggas will be officially put into operation in September 2020, with a purity of 99.9995%, a designed annual production capacity of 18,000 tons, and a first-stage production of 6,000 tons, making it the world's largest electronic grade nitrous oxide production line.

Aerial View of the Plant

Reality Image of the Plant

Our advantages:

1.Technological innovation: Using patented technology with completely independent intellectual property rights, it is the first internationally to realize large-scale recovery and purification of nitrous oxide from industrial tail gas of adipic acid, and to ensure safe and stable large-scale production.

2.Production safety: Abandon the traditional ammonium nitrate cracking technology and avoid various hidden safety hazards during the purchase, storage, production and transportation of ammonium nitrate raw materials.

3.Rich experience: Linggas built the world's first industrial tail gas recovery and purification plant for adipic acid in 2014. After years of operation, it has accumulated rich production experience. Its products have been recognized by well-known international manufacturers in the semiconductor and flat panel industry and successfully realized Commercial production.

4.Strict quality control: strictly implement the requirements of ISO9001, establish a complete quality control system, focus on customers, and ensure that customer needs are met.

5.Rapid supply: Provide customers with comprehensive gas supply solutions, and design reasonable gas supply processes according to customers' different consumption and gas supply requirements.

6.Circular economy: effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while using waste gas, saving natural resources/energy. It provides solutions for the recovery of nitrous oxide tail gas and environmental protection and emission reduction for adipic acid production enterprises, and provides a model for circular economy.

7.Cost reduction: Compared with the traditional production process, the production cost is greatly reduced, providing customers with more cost-effective products, and reducing the production cost of the entire semiconductor and flat panel industry.



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