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Konfoong Materials International Co., Ltd

Konfoong Materials International Co., Ltd

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    Konfoong Materials International Co., Ltd (“KFMI”)   is a high-tech  company founded  in 2005  by a group of highly-educated oversea returnees and foreign experts.   KFMI is specialized in developing and  manufacturing ultra-high purity metal materials and sputtering targets for   the semiconductor and integrated circuit industries. 

    KFMI has been acknowledged and respected  by  the  semiconductor   manufacturers world widely.   The sales network covers Europe,  North  America and Asia.  After ten years development,   KFMI has various options  of target materials,  including  but not  limited to  Al, Ti, Ta, Cu Si, Nb, Cr and diversified alloys.

    KFMI has been equipped with all necessary  manufacturing  and  testing devices for target manufacturing in house. This ensures our high capacity, short lead time,  and  more  importantly cutting edge quality control and  extremely quick response for customer inquiries. 

    Since the first day of the company,KFMI has continuously  earned significant support from Ministry of Science and Technology (“MOST”) ,National Development and Reform Commission (“NDRC”), and Ministry of Industry  and  Information Technology  (“MIIT”)  of China. KFMI has participated and  led several national level research and industrialization  projects,  including Chinese  National  02  Special Project, National 863 Special Project, High-tech Industrialization Project (supported by NDRC), National fund of Electronic Industry Development (supported by MIIT). 

    KFMI products  have been honored the  “Outstanding Contribution Award in  the Chinese National Key Technology Projects in the Eleventh-Five-Years  Period” ,   the  “Creative  New Product and Technology in Semiconductor  Award of China”, the “Strategic Innovative Product Award of China” ( issued by MOST ),  the “ First-class Nonferrous Metals Industry Science and  Technology Award of China ” ,  “ First  Prize of  Zhejiang Provincial    Technological Invention Award ”,  and  the “ First-class Scientific  and     Technological Progress Award of Ningbo”.