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The Liming Research Institute of Chemical Industry

The Liming Research Institute of Chemical Industry

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    The Liming Research Institute of Chemical Industry is under China Haohua Chemical Industry (Group) Corp. It was established in Datong county, Qinghai province in 1965 and relocated to Luoyang in 1978. It was transformed into a technological company in 1999 and belongs to the China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina).

    Liming Research Institute is the chairman unit of the China Polyurethane Industry Association and Peroxide Association under China Inorganic Salts Industry Association, specialized management organization of military compliance of the national defense chemicals sector, undertaker of secretariat of Polyurethane Plastic Committee under China National Technical Committee on plastic products. The institute has National RIM Engineering & Technology Center, National Chemical Propellant Information Station, National Defense Inspection Center of Special Chemical Materials, and a nationally recognized testing laboratory. It obtained the right to award master’s degrees of chemical processing and polymer physics and chemistry in 2000. It received GB/T 19001-2000 and GJB 9001-2001 quality management system certification in 2002 and military product scientific production certificate from the State commission for the national defense industry in 2004. It received Class II confidentiality certificate of science, research and production of national weaponry in 2005.

    The Liming Research Institute hired 832 employees, 532 professional technicians (including one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 11 experts with special allowances from the State Council, 23 professor-level senior engineers, 125 senior engineers and 172 engineers.) The Institute covers about 450,000 m2, and 170,000 m2 gross floor areas. It reports 880 million yuan ($ 138.91 million) of total assetsthe end of 2011.

    The institute has focused on the fields of chemical propellants and raw materials, hydrogen peroxide and its raw materials, fluoride-bearing gas and polyurethane new materials, making it the industry leader in the country after 40 years of developments. It has a scientific R & D team with 329 members led by Li Junxian, academic of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. It has complete chemical synthesis equipment and more than 40 sets of large analysis and test apparatus. It has completed over 300 scientific research projects. It has 275 certified scientific achievements, 11 national science and technology advancement awards (including two special prizes, one first prizes, three second prizes and five third prizes), three National technology invention awards, and 148 provincial/ministry level technology awards. It has 33 national invention patents with 42 patents under application. Hydrogen peroxide production technology has reached international advanced levels; polyurethane technology and fluoride-bearing gas have taken the leading position in the country and contributed to national defense, aerospace and aviation industries.

    The Liming Research Institute has developed major fields based on building a scientific enterprise in recent years and has established an advanced industrial base. Liming Research Institute realizes rapid developments through industrialization based on its scientific innovations and obtains second prize of innovative achievements in modern management. The institute is listed as one of the top 500 Chinese chemical enterprises in terms of economic benefits in 2007. It became an enterprise with the best growth potential in the domestic chemical sector in 2008. It was awarded “Organization with Outstanding Contribution to High Technology Weaponry Development and Construction Engineering” jointly named by the organization department of the central committee of the CPC, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry, the General Armament department, and the General Political Department, “Advanced Organization in Coordination with and Supply to National Scientific Industry” of the state commission of science and technology for national defense industry, "Home of Model Workers”, “Advanced Organization in Scientific Innovations” of ChemChina, “May Day Labor Award” in Henan province, “Enterprise with Harmonious Employee Relationship” of Henan province and “Advanced Party Committee” in Henan province, ChemChina and China Haohua Chemical Industry (Group) Corp.