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Proposal of China Integrated Circuit Material Innovation Alliance

Proposal of China Integrated Circuit Material Innovation Alliance

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To all members:
        In the past few days, when the sudden outbreak coronavirus-19 affects everyone, the people of the whole country have come together to fight against the epidemic under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council.
        Under the leadership of the National 02 Major Special Office, China Integrated Circuit Materials Industry Innovation Alliance is composed of hundreds of Chinese integrated circuit materials enterprises. During this critical period of the nation’s unprecedented efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, in order to better contribute to our efforts to win the epidemic prevention and control battle, the Alliance issued an initiative: call on all members to mobilize all resources to participate fully in epidemic prevention, maintain corporate safety and fulfill social responsibilities.

        1. Raise awareness, build consensus, and firm confidence

        All members should actively carry out self-help self-prevention, self-control and self-help, be informed and informed, take the initiative to report to local prevention and control organizations, follow the unified deployment of the government, take epidemic prevention and control as the most important task at present, and do it with a highly responsible attitude. With a serious fighting spirit, all the members should take timely information transmission, scientific and effective prevention and control measures, and ensure that the central and local governments' decision-making and deployment are implemented.


        2. Obey the overall arrangement, perform responsibilities, and strive to be a pioneer
        All members shall review the situation after the holiday and follow the overall arrangement, pay attention to the screening and observation of returning employees, and cooperate with quarantine if necessary; put the safety of employees and production in the first place, and make a pre-plan; adopt scientific prevention and control measures to effectively do the work of prevention and control of epidemic situation such as personnel control, body temperature detection, site disinfection, etc .; adhere to people-oriented, especially those returning to work in high-risk areas, arrange psychological counseling and care; do resource coordination to ensure production safety, and make every effort to win the battle of prevention and control of epidemic.

        3. Give full play to production capacity, maintain stable supply, and gather together to the most extend
        All members of the alliance should do their best to prevent and control the epidemic, at the same time, do their best to maximize production capacity and maintain stable supply; materials companies should do their best to provide integrated circuit materials supply, especially priority to ensure the supply and service at high-risk areas like YMTC and Wuhan Xinxin, so that to contribute our strength in winning the epidemic prevention and control battle.

         4. Help each other to overcome difficulties and spread the energy of love
         In order to curb the spread of the epidemic, and strive to win the epidemic prevention and control warfare, as the saying goes: when one side has difficulties, people all around will support, we call on members who have the ability to participate in the donation of emergency goods as much as possible, or to help people in the epidemic area by logistics and international purchasing.


        The epidemic situation forms an order, the prevention and control as well as defending is a responsibility, and righteous action is dedication. We are convinced that as long as we strengthen our faith, work together and unite together, we will definitely be able to win this tough battle of epidemic prevention and control!

Come on in China's IC industry!

        According to the current situation, the Alliance has set up a coordination contact group in the Secretariat to fight against the epidemic, and to help members to communicate information, coordinate and solve difficulties, coordinate the supply of materials, organize charitable donations and other activities.
        Contact of the Alliance Secretariat: Xiangzhi Zhang
        Tel: 13126561039