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The Third Session of the Third Council and General Assembly of the Alliance was Successfully Held in Beijing

The Third Session of the Third Council and General Assembly of the Alliance was Successfully Held in Beijing

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        On December 27, 2019, the General Assembly of Integrated Circuit Materials Industry Technology Innovation Alliance (hereinafter referred to as "the Alliance") and the third session of the third council were successfully held in Beijing Jingyi Hotel. A total of more than 120 people attended the meeting, including Lijun Yao, the first rotating executive director of the Alliance, Ingrid Shi, secretary-general, members of the board of directors and representatives of members.

        At the conference, the secretariat comprehensively reported the alliance's 2019 work summary and 2020 work plan to all the participants, and made reports on group standardization and supplier pre-assessment, C-MRS microelectronics and optoelectronics branch venue, the construction plan for the sharing platform of test instruments, the selection scheme for the China IC Material Award and the financial revenue and expenditure in 2019.In 2020, the Alliance will continue to provide better services to all the members in the major seven sectors, including supporting 02 special materials sector work, promoting supply and demand cooperation to promote mass production applications, organizing industrial and academic exchange activities, promoting international technical exchange industrial cooperation, industrial planning policy recommendations, deepening intellectual property research and standardization, industrial operation data collection and trend analysis.
        The meeting focused on discussing the work plan of the alliance's operation and management mechanism, and unanimously approved and reached consensus on improvement terms, including the establishment of additional executive directors and rotating every two years, holding the council once a year concurrently with the materials conference, and member qualification review mechanism for every council.
        The Alliance has been carrying out information collection of domestic materials mass production applications for four consecutive years, which has well supported the Alliance’s industrial research and development strategy research services for 02 special projects. In order to thank the excellent informants who submitted relevant data accurately and completely in time in the collection of domestic materials mass production application information, medals were awarded to the excellent informants at the conference.
        The conference also invited Bing Liu, general manager of Suzhou Crystal Clear Chemical Co., Ltd., to give a wonderful report on "Intellectual Property Innovation and Risk Management of Integrated Circuit Materials in the New Situation".

        Secretary-General Ingrid Shi made an excellent report on "Efforts to develop the local material supply chain to support the stable development of the semiconductor industry." The report introduced the development trend of China's integrated circuit manufacturing materials market, industry status, industry problems and future development trends through detailed data.

        The first executive director of the Alliance, Dr. Lijun Yao, said in his summary that during the 15 years of starting a business in China, he would like to thank the 02 project, the Alliance and the user unit for their great support, hoping to make greater contributions to the industry and the country. He emphasized that the work of the Alliance should focus on serving the development of the country and the needs of the industry, the various tasks of the 02 special project, the communication between the alliance and the alliances, and enterprises. It is necessary to standardize the daily work and management and enhance the quality improvement project of the Alliance to actively promote the greater development of China's integrated circuit material industry.

        Participants at the meeting had a lively discussion on the Alliance's work arrangement in 2020, and expressed high expectations for the rotation mechanism of the executive director of the third council. The meeting also approved the membership applications of four companies including Ningbo SJ Electronics CO. LTD, Beijing Huanyu Jinghui Jingcheng Gas Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Daughter and Vessel Science and Technology Co., Ltd., and Dalian Huabang Chemical Co., Ltd.