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KFMI, Emergency Aid Donation During the Outbreak of Epidemic

KFMI, Emergency Aid Donation During the Outbreak of Epidemic

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        Because of the outbreak of epidemic disease across the country, 2020 Chinese New Year was unusual. COVID-19, initially identified in December 2019 in Wuhan city, Hubei province, caused thousands of infected and a number of casualties in a very short period of time and until recently it seems being under control. Consequently, the medical emergency aid such as mask or protection suit was short in whole China area even for the medical teams fighting on the front line. Quite a number of doctors and nurses were also infected while saving tens of thousands of lives.
        KFMI, including its overseas branches such as Japan and Malaysia branches, has organized a committee immediately to support people in need as part of social responsibility fulfillment. KFMI people continually collected the medical emergency aid stuff from all possible resources piece by piece all over the world. Logistics planning was also an issue since the Chinese government has implemented the restriction on transportations between cities and areas for the purpose of virus control. The committee has to schedule to deliver emergency aid autonomously with help from relevant authorities.

        On February 8th, with the support of Ningbo Customs Office, the first two batches of emergency aid goods supplied by KFMI were successfully donated to the Emergency Administration Bureau in Wuhan, Hubei directly, which includes protective suits, shoe covers and hand sanitizer. All of those goods were purchased overseas and were ensured to meet local Chinese standard. Except that, KFMI, as the chair-company of China Integrated Circuit Industry Association, has also supported the chip manufacturers in Wuhan area by supplying necessary materials and products to alleviate the current material shortage.
        On February 15th, also under the help of Ningbo Customs Office, the third batch of donation of 2,000 protective suits from KFMI was delivered to Red Cross and People’s hospital in Yuyao city, Zhejiang Province. After the shipment was successfully delivered, KFMI has been awarded a commendation letter and donation certificate by the former vice president of Yuyao Red Cross Association representing the Department of Health and Welfare.

        On February 16th, as the demand for medical emergency gears being sharply increased in Harbin, an urgent decision was made. Dr. Yao Lijun, the Chairman of KFMI, donated thousands of protective suits to the medical group in ‘Song Bei New District’ in Harbin city, Heilongjiang Province for the medical staffs serving COVID-19 patients in the front line. Because of the limited resources in China, Dr. Yao had reached personal connections in South Korea to ensure collecting them safely and in time.

        Apart from the above donations, KFMI has supplied emergency aid to many other organizations as well, such as the Ningbo Second hospital (protective suits) and the medical institutions in Jingdezhen city in Jiangxi province (a batch of medical gears) on February20th, with the help of the local government. The acquisition of all emergency aid goods was accomplished by all KFMI employees. Everyone has made his/her greatest effort to secure medical gears for people in need and for people saving others.

        For many years, KFMI has participated in numerous charities with the heart of social responsibility. Our deepest commitment is not only to customers but also to societies around us. KFMI people is optimistic and confident that the epidemic will soon be defeated with our continues support and collaborative work, together. We will definitely win this war with epidemic.