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The First Meeting of the ICMtia Electronic Gas Workshop was Successfully Held in Shanghai

The First Meeting of the ICMtia Electronic Gas Workshop was Successfully Held in Shanghai

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    On May 31, 2019, the first meeting of the Electronic Gas Workshop hosted by Shanghai Gentech Co., Ltd., and sponsored by the Integrated Circuit Materials Industry Technology Innovation Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the “ICMtia”), was successfully held in Shanghai Gentech Technology Building.

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    Participants joined a heated discussion on the safety management and control of the production, transportation, use and storage of special electronic gases. Agreements had been reached that special electronic gas safety management and control is essential. It is necessary to enhance the safety awareness of employees, improve the management system, promote the launching and update of industry standards and regulations, and establish an emergency plan processing platform to avoid potential safety hazards.

    Zhuoneng Wu, Quality Manager of CSMC Technologies Fab2 Co., Ltd. ("CSMC") made a report on the opportunities and challenges of domestic electronic quality improvement and shared the successful experience of CSMC in quality management. The challenges of localization of special electronic gas are introduced from four aspects: personnel management, process control, zero defects and change management. It is pointed out that the problems lie in a weak personnel awareness of risk in the industry, lack of PDCA improvement cycle in production process, insufficient risk management and control, and unauthorized changes on products standards. He emphasized that the guarantee of product quality stability is the premise to promote the localization of electronic gas, while unauthorized changes in product standards may lead to major quality problems in the Fab plant and cause major economic losses.

Zhuoneng Wu, Quality Manager of CSMC Technologies Fab2 Co., Ltd.

    Ying Shi, Secretary-General of ICMtia, gave a speech on the status quo of the electronic gas industry. She analyzed the personnel composition of the electronic gas industry, R&D and industrial development investment, patent quantity, production capacity, sales revenue, net profit, sales revenue of major products and the application of node technology, as well as batch application of electronic gas in FAB plant through detailed data. It was also pointed out that the lack of R & D investment, heavy product homogeneity, low-cost competition, and declining of net profit rate year by year that are faced with the special electronic gas industry should be paid enough attention to.

Ying Shi, Secretary-General of ICMtia

      Gas Safety Specialist of Shanghai Gentech Co., Ltd. Eugene Ngai gave a report on the safe use of electronic specialty gases, covering the introductions on physical and chemical properties of electronic gases such as phosphine, arsine, silane, decane and diborane, the potential safety problems of these electronic gases and the proper emergency treatments.

Eugene Ngai , Gas Safety Specialist of Shanghai Gentech Co., Ltd. 

    Representatives from 7 users companies, including SMIC International Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation Hua Hong Semiconductor Limited., CSMC Technologies Fab2 Co., Ltd, Wuhan Xinxin Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (XMC), China Wafer Level Csp Co., Ltd., SMIC (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., as well as a total of more than 80 representatives from 29 companies attended the meeting, including the 718th research institute of CSIC (PERIC), Jiangsu Nata Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd., GrandiT Corporation Ltd., Guangdong Huate Gas Co., Ltd., Guizhou Wylton Jinglin Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., Dalian F.T.Z CREDIT Chemical Technology Development Co.,Ltd., Fujian Deer Technology Co., Ltd., Argosun Mo New Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., Suzhou Jinhong Gas Co., Ltd., Zhonghao Guangming Chemical Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd.(ChemChina ), Linggas (Tianjin ) Limited., Jiangsu Yoke Technology Co., Ltd., Spectrum Materials Corporation Limited., Chongqing Tonghui Gas Co., Ltd., Quzhou Hangyang Gas Co., Ltd., China Silicon Corporation Ltd., SCS Gas Co., Ltd., Vital Materials, Jiangsu Xinhua Semiconductor Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Gentech Co., Ltd., Versum Materials, Air Products, Air Liquide, REC Silicon, Taiyo Nippon Sanso, Linde PLC, Sumitomo Essence Trading (Shanghai), Daikin Fluorine (China) Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Tin Industry Research Co., Ltd.

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    Founded in 2000, Shanghai Gentech Co., Ltd. has been providing ultra-high purity electronic gas and chemical supply systems to China's pan-semiconductor industry for nearly two decades. Under the encouragement and guidance of users companies, governments and industry associations, the company has entered the field of electronic materials in recent years, providing customers with arsine, phosphine, silane, various mixtures and other process-critical materials. At the same time, Shanghai Gentech Co., Ltd. has also made long-term investment in electronic material recycling and recycling technology. It hopes to provide more value to customers with its traditional gas equipment and service business as the fulcrum. As a new entrant in the field of electronic materials, Shanghai Gentech Co., Ltd. hopes to receive support and guidance from industry peers, and the company will also actively cooperate with other companies in the industry to avoid vicious competition and to create and maintain a benign market environment.

Donglei Yu, CEO& President of Shanghai Gentech Co., Ltd.