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Supplier Quality Management Training from Integrated Circuit Materials Industry Technology Innovation Alliance was held in Wuhan

Supplier Quality Management Training from Integrated Circuit Materials Industry Technology Innovation Alliance was held in Wuhan

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    From May 16th to 17th, 2019, the "Supplier Quality Management Training" jointly organized by Integrated Circuit Materials Industry Technology Innovation Alliance and Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd. (“YMTC”) was held at Wuhan Lotus Pond Grand Hotel. 133 representatives from 42 members of the ICMTIA participated in this training. Through serialized quality management training, the conference aimed to deepen the understanding of unique quality standards for material companies and improve their quality management and control capabilities to provide better services. Secretary-General of ICMTIA Ying Shi and Co-CTO of YMTC Weihua Cheng attended the meeting. Liming Wu, Huimin Guan, Zhiyong Jiang from the Quality Department of YMTC, Yanqun Nie, Yu Qiu, Jin Chen of R&D Department, and Jing Jin of Environmental Protection and Safety Department served as the trainer.

    Secretary-General Ying Shi first welcomed the representatives of the companies attending the meeting. She pointed out that becoming a qualified supplier is the first stepping step for material companies to enter the semiconductor industry. As is known to all, the manufacturing process of integrated circuits is complex and demanding. In order to enable material companies to better meet user requirements, ICMTIA organized this training. It was hoped that this training could not only help material companies to form good habits that were to implement the stringent quality requirements of the semiconductor industry in daily management, but also improve communication efficiency when they communicated with their users so they could keep at the same pace. Secretary-General Ying Shi also expressed gratitude to the Chief Technology Officer of the YMTC Weihua Cheng and relevant departments for their support of this training.

Secretary-General of ICMtia Ying Shi

    Cheng Weihua, Co-CTO of YMTC, emphasized the importance of the sound development of the semiconductor industry chain. It was hoped that through the exchanges between suppliers and users, the material companies could better understand the thinking logic and operation mode of the semiconductor industry chain, so that the upstream companies and downstream companies of the industry chain could establish closer connection. Mr. Cheng also stressed that the quality and safety standards of the semiconductor industry are “not allowed to make any tiny mistakes”. So he hoped that the scientific methods and management system of this training could be a lot of help for the quality management of the materials companies in the future.


Co-CTO of YMTC Cheng Weihua

    Mr. Zhiyong Jiang, from the Quality department of YMTC, made a brief introduction to the content of Quality before the start of this training. He emphasized again that it was hoped that the suppliers and users could have a better communication after this training. He also highlighted the importance of process management, change management, and exception handling. Mr. Liming Wu from the Purchasing Department first introduced the profile of the YMTC, and then Ms Huimin Guan from the Purchasing Department introduced the purchasing policy and supplier performance management of YMTC. Mr. Jin Chen from the R&D department shared the quality management of the product realization process. Ms. Yanqun Nie and Mr. Yu Qiu from the Quality Department gave a detailed lecture on the quality management system, and Ms. Nie also shared the supplier quality management requirements. Finally, Ms. Jing Jin from the Department of Environmental Protection and Safety introduced the requirements of the supplier's HSPM requirements.

Zhiyong Jiang from Quality Dept.

Liming Wu from Purchasing Dept.

Huimin Guan from Purchasing Dept.

Jin Chen from R&D Dept.

Yanqun Nie from Quality Dept.

Yu Qiu from Quality Dept.

Jing Jin From the Department of Environmental Protection and Safety

In the Q&A part, the representatives actively conducted in-depth communication with the lecturers on the professional issues related to this training. The training was well received by the participants, and they expressed the hope that the ICMTIA can organize more professional training activities in the future.