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Enlightenment from the recruitment of integrated circuit materials and components alliance (Ningbo) Industry Promotion Center

Enlightenment from the recruitment of integrated circuit materials and components alliance (Ningbo) Industry Promotion Center

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The strategic alliance of technological innovation of integrated circuit materials and parts industry is a new type of organization that provides comprehensive innovation and industrial cooperation services for China's semiconductor manufacturing industry chain. The Alliance brings together a team of enthusiastic, professional, dedicated and innovative talents to continuously develop and innovate on the road of building an authoritative third-party service platform. Beginning in 2017, the Alliance set up an industrial promotion center in the Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone (Beilun District). The current deputy director of the Recruitment Center welcomes people of insight to join us and grow up with the intensive Chinese IC industry to realize their own life value.
Working location: Ningbo (Beilun)
Contact: Zheng Yijing, 15633960609,
1. Work Summary: Responsible for building an efficient work team, establishing communication channels with government departments and enterprises, assisting the director of the center to develop business and conduct daily work.
2. Job responsibilities:
(1) Formulate the work objectives of the center.
(2) Build a center team.
(3) Development of center business.
3. Qualifications:
(1) Master's degree or above
(2) Professional backgrounds such as microelectronics, semiconductor physics, materials science and engineering, and business management
(3) Work experience in integrated circuit manufacturing or integrated circuit materials industry for more than five years. Overseas study and work experience are preferred.
4. Job skill requirements:
(1) Familiar with the expertise and industry status of integrated circuits and materials;
(2) Excellent leadership and interpersonal and social activities;
(3) Proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, writing English, or Japanese;
(4) Master relevant office software;
(5) Good writing skills.
5. Other important requirements:
(1) Honest, trustworthy, upright, and strong sense of responsibility;
(2) Have a team spirit;
(3) Be brave in pioneering and innovating;
(4) Enthusiasm for pursuing career success.