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The Materials Alliance successfully held the "13th Five-Year" Development Strategy Symposium on IC Materials Industry

The Materials Alliance successfully held the "13th Five-Year" Development Strategy Symposium on IC Materials Industry

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  On February 27, the Materials Alliance successfully held the “13th Five-Year” Development Strategy Symposium on IC Materials Industry in Beijing. Miao Zhimin, Deputy Director of the Raw Materials Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, relevant professional leaders of the Electronic Information Division, Shi Ying, Secretary General of the Materials Alliance, and the head of the professional section of the Materials Alliance Roadmap Work participated in the symposium.

  In the past two years, the Materials Alliance has made a systematic study on the roadmap for the development of integrated circuit materials industry and the 13th Five-Year Development Plan. It also proposed industrial development and key project proposals to the National Science and Technology 02 Major Project and through the China Semiconductor Industry Association. This symposium aims to further deepen the understanding of the professional leadership departments of the national ministries and commissions on the current situation and development trends of the materials field, and to understand the needs of enterprises. At the same time, it can help material enterprises master the relevant national policies and development plans, so that the development of the industry conforms to and the national strategy, so as to achieve relevant national program support and policy support, better solve the problems faced by the industry, and accelerate industrial development.

  Finally, Deputy Director Miao Zhimin pointed out that the state regards the new materials industry as an important support area, and has established cooperation mechanisms with various ministries and commissions, and at the same time, the integrated circuit materials industry, which is an important component of the new materials industry, is regarded as key areas of cultivation for realizing industrialization and informationization. Meanwhile, he advised the materials enterprises to pay attention to and actively cooperate with the work of the government in the next step, establish the first batch of secondary risk compensation mechanism, establish a production application platform, support the advantageous industries through policy guidance, form a leading enterprise, smooth information channels, timely understand government funding support plan, and timely reflect the tariff adjustment catalogue to the Ministry of Finance.

  The symposium was highly praised by the guests. The leaders expressed the intention to strengthen cooperation with the Materials Alliance in the future and accelerate the implementation of national policies. The enterprise responsible persons also said that through this symposium, the communication channels with the national leadership departments were smoothed, and witnessed the strategic layout of promoting the development of integrated circuit materials industry and leading enterprises by the country, and hope to organize such exchange activities in the future.