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The second supply and demand matchmaking meeting between the Materials and Components Alliance and SMIC was successfully held in

The second supply and demand matchmaking meeting between the Materials and Components Alliance and SMIC was successfully held in

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From September 2 to 3, 2016, the second supply and demand matchmaking meeting jointly organized by the Integrated Circuit Materials & Components Industry Technology Innovative Alliance (hereinafter referred to as "Materials and Components Alliance") and SMIC was successfully held in Beijing. On the afternoon of September 2, six professional groups were divided in the meeting to conduct exchanges, and each group listened to the basic information of materials and components enterprises and the introduction to product market expansion, as well as the demands for domestic materials and components, verification process and quality assessment system of SMIC. On the morning of September 3, the meeting with the theme of “close cooperation, mutual support, symbiotic win-win, and coordinated development” was held. Director Ma Junru, Expert Advisory Committee of National Science and Technology 02 Major Project, Director Qiu Gang, National Science and Technology Major Project Office, Director Ye Tianchun, Chief Engineer of National Science and Technology Major Project, and Shi Ying, Secretary General of the Materials and Components Alliance attended the meeting. Dr. Qiu Ciyun, President of SMIC, led the responsible persons of components verification and application evaluation from Shanghai No. 1 Plant, Shanghai No. 8 Plant, Beijing No. 1 Plant, SMIC North, Tianjin Plant and Shenzhen Plant to attended the meeting with more than 200 responsible persons of technology, quality and market sales of 57 alliance members from all over the country.

Zheng Jingde, Senior Director of Operational Efficiency Optimization Division of SMIC introduced the future development plan and the demand for materials and components and localization planning of the company. He emphasized that as the largest and most advanced semiconductor company in China, SMIC is most suitable and willing to undertake the strategic development goals of localization of components. At present, there are 67 materials approved by SMIC, 12 of which are applied to the 28 nm node, and nearly 60 materials are being validated, of which more than 10 materials will be verified at the 14 nm node. In the past five years, the purchase amount of domestic materials of SMIC increased at a rate of 30% per year. In the future, new varieties of domestic materials will be massively produced continuously, and the amount of application of verification materials will be increased. SMIC worked together with Dr. Kang Jing, from the laboratory to introduce the progress of SMIC's localization of materials and components and the measures to further improve the localization in the next step, such as broadening the coverage of process applications, shortening the verification cycle, and strengthening the talent pool. Procurement Director Wu Wei, from SMIC Changdian, made a report on the preparation of SMIC to improve the localization rate, the company has entered the stage of mass production and operation, it is the time to invite domestic excellent material suppliers to participate in the next stage of the process optimization process. Zhang Jiale, General Manager of Beijing Yisheng Precision reported the role of lean manufacturing in improving the quality of semiconductor materials and components. The information of group communication and dozens of constructive opinions were put forward in the meeting.

In order to recognize the first-line engineer team of the Fab factory who made unremitting efforts in the localization process, and to further promote the mass production application of local materials and components, the Materials and Components Alliance has set up the “Advanced Technology Award”, “Breakthrough Monopoly Award”, “Market Development Award”, “Economic Benefit Award”, “Management Benefit Award” and “Special Contribution Award” for mass production application of components and components. A total of 33 outstanding teams and nearly 300 outstanding individuals from six SMIC factories were rewarded. In addition, in recognition of the local suppliers in promoting the release and use of domestic materials and spare components products in SMIC after verification, breaking the monopoly of foreign manufacturers, improving the safety of the industrial chain, and reducing operating costs, the Alliance and SMIC issued a honorary award for domestic material supplier. Anji Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Jiangfeng Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. were awarded the "SMIC International Market Benefit Award" and "SMIC International Technology Cooperation Award" respectively. In the award-winning speech, Dr. Wang Shumin, Chairman of Anji Microelectronics, and Dr. Yao Lijun, Chairman of Ningbo Jiangfeng Electronics, expressed sincere thanks to the SMIC, National Science and Technology 02 Major Project, and the Materials and Components Alliance in supporting the enterprise development, promoting industrial chain integration, and constructing good ecology over the years. At the same time, they suggested that the brother companies should focus on the goal to improve product quality, enhance the quality awareness of all employees, establish a quality system involving all employees, and meet the semiconductor performance requirements, so as to better serve SMIC.




Since 2011, SMIC has vigorously promoted the cultivation of local suppliers. The company has established an operation management mechanism to promote the mass production application, and batch procurement of domestic materials and components, and the employees involved are from process research and development, evaluation and certification, production and operation, and material procurement. The actual purchase volume of domestic materials and components is also increasing year by year. Dr. Qiu Ciyun, President of SMIC, said that As the semiconductor industry in China grows stronger, it is hoped that international first-class suppliers can cooperate with SMIC, and SMIC will continue to support the domestic suppliers to cooperate with users outside of SMIC in an open attitude, so as to help domestic suppliers go outside and go internationally.

Chief Engineer Ye Tianchun fully affirmed the effectiveness of this matchmaking meeting and put forward requirements for the next step. He hoped that materials and components companies will strive to improve product competitiveness, solve problems in product variety, output, and stability, etc., and actively cooperate with user companies to develop new processes to achieve coordinated development between suppliers and users.

Director Qiu Gang pointed out in his speech that integrated circuit is an embodiment of China's high-end manufacturing-related technology integration, an entry point for the development of high-end manufacturing, and an important strategic commanding height. It is hoped that the Alliance can play the role as a third-party support platform to vigorously promote cooperation between suppliers and users, and at the same time, act as a bridge between the government and enterprises, helping enterprises and docking market demand, sorting out strategic priorities, proposing policy recommendations and promoting coordinated development under the guidance of national major project strategic layout.

Director Ma Junru pointed out in his concluding speech that materials and components are very important in the integrated circuit industry. Currently, the equipment, materials and components for the domestic integrated circuit industry rely mainly on imports, and the international supply chain is relatively perfect, it needs to develop our local supply chain, sort out the ideas and find the breakthroughs, focus on the products and technologies that must strive in terms of the strategy and have a large market demand and the products that have a decisive effect on cost reduction, and integrate all aspects of resources to achieve rapid development. The Alliance has done a good job and provided a bridge for joint cooperation. I hope that everyone can make good use of this platform and also support the work of the Alliance.