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Seminar on Application of Domestic Wafer-Level Packaging Materials was successfully held in Kunshan Huatian Technology

Seminar on Application of Domestic Wafer-Level Packaging Materials was successfully held in Kunshan Huatian Technology

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On October 25, 2016, the Integrated Circuit Materials & Components Industry Technology Innovative Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the “Materials and Components Alliance”) successfully held the “Integrated Circuit Chip Manufacturing Process and Integration Technology” course training in Qingdao. Dr. Lin Qinghuang, the specially-invited consultant expert of the Materials and Components Alliance and the Researcher at the IBM T.J.Watson Institute, USA, was invited to give a lecture in the meeting. Dr. Lin has 10 years of experience in teaching this course in the United States. The meeting attracted more than 20 representatives to participate. In the opening speech, Secretary General Shi Ying emphasized the importance of this course and fully affirmed everyone's strong enthusiasm for learning.

After the training courses, everyone expressed big harvest gained. After participating in this training class, they learned about the process connecting the previous and subsequent process in the chip manufacturing, and had a clear understanding of the company's new product development direction under the new technology change, hoping that the Alliance can organize more technical training sessions.

October 9, 2016, the ICMtia and Huatian Technology (Kunshan) Electronics Co., Ltd. jointly organized the “Seminar on Application of Domestic Wafer-Level Packaging Materials” in Kunshan. With the theme of “closing the combination of process development and material technology, promoting wafer-level packaging technology and material innovation development and accelerating material localization”, discussion on enhancing mutual understanding between Huatian Technology and various materials companies, and promoting cooperation, mutual benefit and common development with domestic materials companies in the new process development of wafer-level packaging new products.

Dr. Yu Daquan, Deputy General Manager of Huatian Technology (Kunshan) Electronics Co., Ltd. introduced the booming development trend, technology roadmap and future technology layout, the main technologies and R&D progress of the company's main business, and proposed specific requirements for domestic wafer-level packaging materials, hoping to cooperate with domestic materials companies in the development of new product and new process of the company, and contributing to the promotion of localization of wafer-level packaging materials. The participating companies actively introduced the materials and research results required for Huatian product process, including CMP polishing solution for wafer level packaging, encapsulated photoresist, photoresist remover, cleaning solution, developing solution, coupling agent, electroplating material, material for wet process, photosensitive insulation material, protection film for water resistant wafer surface, and temporary bonding glue for wafer, etc. Through the exchanges between the supply and demand sides, there is potential for cooperation in multiple material fields, and both parties also show strong willingness to cooperate.

Deputy General Manager Yu Daquan said that the technical requirements of Huatian Technology are very different from the requirements of the integrated circuit manufacturing process, and the system packaging process has many changes and rapid development. It is hoped that the material enterprises will carry out targeted, timely, rapid and efficient product development and process innovation to the packaging process. The developed products can be shaped as long as they meet the process requirements, have stable performance and reliable quality, and the industrial application of new materials can be promoted quickly. Secretary General Shi Ying pointed out that Huatian Technology has provided opportunities for participating companies to participate in new projects and new processes of the company. It is hoped that material enterprises can make full use of this rare opportunity to accelerate the improvement of independent innovation capability and improve quality and quality assurance system, so as to provide solutions for the new products and new process development of Huatian Technology guided by customer needs and from the perspective of material side, reflect the value of materials companies in the cooperation with customers, and achieve synergistic development.

More than 20 people including Deputy General Manager Yu Daquan, operations Director Hu Jinjin, R&D manager Huang Xiaohua, R&D supervisor Dr. Ma Li, R&D team leader Dr. Ma Shuying and other representatives of Huatian Technology (Kunshan) Electronics Co., Ltd. and Shi Ying, Secretary General of Materials and Components Alliance, representatives from Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Beijing Kempur Microelectronics Materials Co., Ltd., Anji Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Sinyang Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd., Suzhou Shinhao Materials LLC, Kunshan Asem Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd., Suzhou Ruihong Electronic Chemical Co., Ltd., Suzhou Jingrui Chemical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Microtech Material Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Chemical Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd., attended the meeting.

Huatian Technology Group is the packaging test enterprise ranked the second in the domestic and the sixth in the world. In the past 15 years, its business has experienced explosive growth. In 2016, its sales reached 6 billion yuan, and it’s expected to reach 15 billion yuan in 2020. The Group has R&D and production bases in Tianshui, Xi'an, Kunshan, Shanghai, US Phoenix Ridge, etc., among which Huatian Technology (Kunshan) Electronics Co., Ltd., established in 2008, is the first 8- inch and 12- inch packaging test development and production base of Huatian Group.