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The eight session of the 2nd council meeting of the Materials and Components Alliance was successfully held in Beijing

The eight session of the 2nd council meeting of the Materials and Components Alliance was successfully held in Beijing

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Secretary-General Shi Ying’s report on the work of the alliance


On the afternoon of January 19, 2018, the 2018 member conference of the Integrated Circuit Materials & components Industry Technology Innovative Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the "Alliance") and the eight session of the 2nd council meeting was successfully held in Beijing. More than 200 people attended the meeting, including the Secretary General, the Vice President, and the Standing Directors of the Alliance and representatives of the member units and representatives of the newly applied units.

Secretary General Shi Ying presided over the meeting, reviewing the work done by the Alliance in 2017 and proposing the key tasks to be completed in 2018. The meeting fully recognized the progress and achievements made by the Alliance in 2017 in such aspects as supporting the 02 Special Materials and Parts section, organizing industry and academic exchanges, enhancing enterprise quality, conducting research on intellectual property rights, collecting data and conducting industry analysis, launching group standardization work, improving media operation and maintenance and helping with society registration and approval. In 2018, the Alliance will be involved in seven major business sectors, including industrial planning and policy recommendations, international technical exchanges and industry cooperation, the cooperation between supply and demand and the application of mass production, industry and academic exchanges, to broaden the business horizons of the Material and Parts Alliance.




Zhang Xin, the new chairman of the alliance


Zhang Xin, General Manager of Semiconductor Manufacturing North China (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was approved as the Chairman of the Alliance, and Wang Wei, the Chairman and General Manager of Suzhou Jingfang Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd., was added as the council member of the Alliance in the conference. Zhang Xin, the new Chairman, pointed out at the conference that SMIC, as the largest and most advanced wafer manufacturing enterprise in China, has the responsibility and obligation to undertake the localization of materials and equipment in the good situation of rapid industrial development. Although it’s not easy, as a domestic benchmark enterprise, making efforts to the localization of materials will play a multiplier effect in promoting the development of the domestic material and components industry chain. He also encouraged other domestic integrated circuit manufacturing companies to unite and work together to promote the localization of materials and equipment. In the era of rapid industrial development, injecting living water into the industrial chain is the correct form of development at this stage.




Representatives from SMIC, Shanghai Huali Microelectronics, Wuhan Xinxin, Suzhou Jingfang, Huatian Technology (Kunshan) and other companies made introduction to the domestic materials for 12-inch integrated circuit technology of National Science and Technology 02 Major Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and components development and quality optimization projects and mass production application engineering project of high-end packaging equipment and material of domestic middle-end technology, which introduced and interpreted the objectives and implementation plans for mass production application engineering, problems in work promotion, progress made, and requirements of materials and components enterprises.

A total of 14 companies including Suzhou Jingfang Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Silicon Industry Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing Doublink Solders Co., Ltd., Spectrum Materials (Fujian) Co., Ltd., Hengsuo Huawei Electronics Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Greenda Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., Suzhou Guansheng Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Jinggong Semiconductor Co., Ltd., Anhui ARGOSUN MO New Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., Henan Hanya Microelectronics Materials Co., Ltd., CECEP Valliant Co., Ltd., China Silicon (Luoyang) Corporation, Changzhou Yuyu Electro-optical Devices Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yuantaifeng Photoelectric Co., Ltd., applied for access to the Alliance.

Representatives from Pacific Insurance Beijing Branch introduced the first batch of comprehensive insurance projects for new materials to the members of the Alliance from the aspects of policy background, product plan and insurance practice. At the same time, the first member meeting of Zhongguancun IC Materials and Components Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance was held.