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Anji Microelectronics: Innovation lays the foundation of the company and promotes the development of the company

Anji Microelectronics: Innovation lays the foundation of the company and promotes the development of the company

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Located in Pudong, Shanghai, Anji Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is one of the few high-tech microelectronic materials companies in China that integrates R&D, production, sales and service. Many of the company's leading figures have a background in the semiconductor industry's technology and management for nearly 20 years. They have gathered a group of talents from the world's leading chip manufacturing and other high-end microelectronics industries.
The company's main products include a variety of chemical mechanical polishing fluids for integrated circuit manufacturing, cleaning fluids, three-dimensional packaging materials and related chemical solutions. A number of products have been mass-produced in well-known semiconductor factories at home and abroad, with more than 70 patents.
In terms of IC polishing materials, the copper and copper barrier polishing fluid developed by the company has entered the 45/40nm technology node production line for mass production. Currently, it is stepping up the 32/28nm technology node related product development and verification test work; The silicon oxide polishing solution has been successfully verified at the customer's end. It has obtained good small-scale trial results in many high-end integrated circuit manufacturing companies, and individual companies have begun to use it on a large scale.
In terms of cleaning fluids, the company's integrated circuits, wafer-level packaging, three-dimensional packaging and LED manufacturing processes such as photoresist remover have different technical advantages, and have been recognized by more and more customers, entering mass sales. stage.
In the field of 3D packaging materials, the company has developed a variety of polishing solutions for front through-hole copper and its barrier polishing and back-back copper/non-metal film polishing in parallel with the development of cutting-edge packaging technology. It has been certified by many overseas customers and started. Small batch commercialization.
Anji Microelectronics has superior technical, talent and cost advantages in the areas it serves. The company has introduced a number of overseas high-level talents such as technology, sales and operation management, and established an advanced R&D and industrialization base covering an area of ​​over 7,000 square meters. The production capacity has reached 6 million gallons, which can provide high quality supply for local and foreign customers. Cargo system and technical support. The company has obtained ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO9001 quality management system certification, and has passed a rigorous evaluation of the supplier management system of many domestic and foreign customers.
      At present, Anji Microelectronics is expanding its R&D and operation center to comprehensively enhance its comprehensive capacities. It is actively expanding its overseas market and has established an office in Taiwan to form a technical and sales team. Looking forward to the future, Anji Microelectronics will continue to take independent innovation as the foundation of enterprise development and continue to make steady progress in technology research and development, product production, market development and customer support.