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Shanghai Simgui Technology Co.,Ltd and Soitec Announce Cooperation to Produce 200mm SOI Wafer

Shanghai Simgui Technology Co.,Ltd and Soitec Announce Cooperation to Produce 200mm SOI Wafer

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On May 26, 2014, Shanghai Simgui Technology Co.,Ltd and France's Soitec jointly announced that they have reached an agreement to form an international partnership to address the growing business needs of both parties in China and the limited global 200mm SOI for RF and power semiconductor applications. The contradiction between production capacity. In addition to providing Soitec with first-class SOI wafer fabrication capabilities in China, the agreement will also increase the industrial capacity of SOI wafers. The first step is to establish an SOI ecosystem in China.
The newly signed agreements between the two parties include licensing and technology transfer. Based on this, Simgui will use Soitec's Proprietary Smart Cut technology to manufacture Soitec's 200mm SOI wafers. Simgui will establish a high-volume SOI manufacturing line directly to the Chinese market. At the same time, the company also produces 200mm SOI wafers for Soitec worldwide to extend Soitec's supply chain. In addition to this initial cooperation, the two companies also plan to continue to expand the scope of cooperation in the future to leverage the synergies between the two sides.
“We are pleased to announce this collaboration and work with Xinao to expand the ecosystem using Soitec technology and increase our competitiveness.” Soitec Chief Operating Officer Paul Boudre said, “Cooperating while both parties pave the way for future cooperation. It also strengthens Soitec's global leadership in SOI and strengthens our strength in the Chinese market."
Dr. Bernard Aspar, General Manager of Soitec Communications and Power Devices Division, said: "In addition to Soitec's sales of SOI products for the RF market have tripled in the past two years, RF products themselves have become more and more RF switches for smartphones and tablets. Popular. Working with Simgui will allow us to respond to this demand in a timely manner."
Academician Wang Wei of Simgui Chairman said: "China's semiconductor market accounts for 60% of the world. The strategic partnership with Soitec enables us to expand our existing SOI market share and help us meet the new development of China's SOI ecosystem. opportunity."
“Using Soitec technology will promote glory to become a key player in the field of SOI manufacturing.” Dr. Zhang Feng, general manager of Simgui , commented, “On the other hand, this cooperation will complement each other with the new pride and will further strengthen both sides. SOI competitiveness."