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Chengdu Times Lifu - the first brand to create a local CMP polishing pad

Chengdu Times Lifu - the first brand to create a local CMP polishing pad

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Chengdu Times Lifu Technology Co., Ltd. was established in December 2012 with a registered capital of 35 million yuan, located in the logistics park of Chengdu Shuangliu Economic Development Zone. The company is mainly engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of semiconductor high-tech materials technology, technical services, integrated circuits, LED and precision glass polishing consumables. The company has 5,000 square meters of production plants, 500 square meters of dust-free laboratory and research and development center. The company has obtained the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification certificate on September 13, 2013, and successfully changed the certificate on September 11, 2014, covering the design and development into the company's quality system.
The company's R&D technical team is based on the core R&D team of the leading companies in the US Silicon Valley. It has the technology of independent intellectual property rights. The international team led by Ms. Zhang Lijuan is an important technical personnel in the initial stage of R&D. All of them have chemical mechanical grinding for 10 to 20 years. Experience, including Harvey Pinder, an American expert who has worked in semiconductor chemical mechanical polishing for more than 20 years, is an international team that cannot be surpassed in the CMP field. Chairman of the company Yi Xingwang and general manager Li Changjun have more than 20 years of experience in finance, production, quality and project management of large state-owned enterprises.
Under the leadership of the R&D technical team, the company has successfully developed a variety of hollow and solid substrate materials such as TL1212/I, TL1212/II, TL1232, etc. for Oxide, Tungsten, and wafer recycling for 8-inch chip manufacturing. As well as CMP process polishing for 12-inch chip manufacturing, the comprehensive performance of the 8-inch CMP series polishing pad fully meets the requirements of chip CMP, which is comparable to or better than similar foreign products. It has been mass-produced and has an annual production capacity of 80,000 pieces. The 12-inch copper process and oxide polishing pad are being tested.
In terms of technical advantages, Time Lifu's polishing pad has a structural improvement in terms of physical structure and other existing products. According to CaiHong's research, the contact wear caused by the bending and rough peaking of the polishing pad body is the main reason for the dishing of the copper wire. If the polishing pad itself has low hardness, high compression ratio and high roughness, This theory is also recognized by the industry as it is more prone to bulk bending and rough peaking and contact wear. To this end, the company can precisely control the pore distribution and porosity by advanced technology, and use the advanced polymer to achieve the optimum hardness and modulus performance ratio of the polishing pad, greatly reducing the polishing and erosion of the copper process under the 65nm line, sprint technical barriers of zero erosion in 10nm line technology. At present, the company has obtained two invention patents and two utility model patents, and two other patents filed in Taiwan.
In November 2013, the company has already obtained orders for oxide layer process polishing pads for 8" chip manufacturing. This year, it has also obtained orders for tungsten wire process polishing pads for 8" chip manufacturing. At present, the era Liv polishing pad has launched a comprehensive online evaluation of most of the domestic 8" and 12" fabs in Singapore, and it is expected that two new customer orders will be signed by the end of this year. At the same time, Eric's sapphire substrate and wafer recycling polishing pad have also entered the final stage of client evaluation, and it is expected to obtain customer orders early next year.
Under the premise of the national policy to fully support the independent development of the semiconductor industry chain, Eric Lifu obtained the national "very large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing technology and complete sets of technology" in April 2014, that is, the support of 02 special project, has undertaken 2014-2017 02 Technology major project 20-14nm technology node CMPSTI/SIO2 process layer and metal interconnect line Cu process layer polishing pad research and development project, subject number: 2014ZX02301003-003-002.
The company adheres to the corporate philosophy of “Innovative Achievement Brand, Technology Leads the Future”, and through the development strategy of technological innovation, management innovation and talent innovation, it has created the first-class world-class precision polishing material brand.