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Wuhan Xinxin Matchmaking Meeting

Wuhan Xinxin Matchmaking Meeting

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On January 28, 2016, The Supply and Demand Matchingmaking conference Between the Integrated Circuit Materials Industry Alliance and Wuhan Xinxin Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Wuhan. The conference was hosted by the Materials Alliance and undertook by Wuhan Xinxin Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Shi Ying, Secretary-General of the Materials Alliance, attended the meeting. Dr. Yang Shining, CEO of Wuhan Xinxin, led the responsible person of relevant department, process engineers, quality control, and user evaluation, etc., to participate in the conference with more than 70 responsible persons in the technology, quality and market sales from Alliance member units all over the country.


Secretary General Shi Ying pointed out in his opening speech that Wuhan Xinxin plays an important role in the future national industry layout with the large-scale industry of advanced memory integrated circuits as a breakthrough, which will bring unprecedented development opportunities for material enterprises. At the same time, Wuhan Xinxin has always attached great importance to the localization of domestic materials, and has also made great contributions to the construction of local material supply chains. It is hoped that this matchmaking meeting will seize the opportunity of Wuhan Xinxin to plan for the future breakthrough of the industry, comprehensively sort out the current status of domestic materials, identify existing problems, research solutions, and then promote the sustainable development of local material supply chain through cooperation. In order to achieve effective results, the domestic materials companies have the opportunity to share the huge market brought by the business development of Wuhan Xinxin, and also enable Wuhan Xinxin to benefit from the future growth of the material industry and the competition of the whole industry chain.


Dr. Yang Shining introduced the development plan of Wuhan Xinxin Memory, hoping to enter into the first tier of international memory industry by breaking through the 3D NAND with high process difficulty and achieving fast development. The other relevant responsible persons of the company reported the progress and achievements of 3D NAND research and development, the layout of 3D NAND localization strategy in materials and the quality management system of raw materials, and put forward suggestions for improvement on the current status of quality management system of domestic material suppliers, including strengthening production control, improving change management, and improving quality anomaly disposal processes. Dr. Wang Shumin, Chairman and CEO of Anji Microelectronics, and Dr. Zhong Weihua, Jiang Feng Electronics, and other materials suppliers shared their experiences in technology development, production management and customer service in cooperation with Wuhan Xinxin. The group was divided for communication and dozens of constructive opinions were put forward in the meeting.


At the meeting, Dr. Yang Shining also put forward four requirements for future cooperation: material enterprises should have a clear understanding of their own capabilities and development plans; the cooperation must have certain financial support; material enterprises should have quality control systems in place; and the determination to spare no gains and the ambition to be successful shall be equipped in cooperation.


After this matchmaking meeting, Wuhan Xinxin will work with related companies in the Materials Alliance to develop a detailed implementation plan and implement them one by one. The Materials Alliance will also continue to follow up on the progress of the cooperation.


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