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Huali Microelectronics Docking Association

Huali Microelectronics Docking Association

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On April 15 2016,the supply and demand matchmaking meeting between the Integrated Circuit Materials Industry Alliance and Huali Microelectronics was grandly held in Shanghai. The meeting was sponsored by the Materials Alliance and undertook by Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Shi Ying, Secretary General of Materials Alliance attended the meeting, and Lei Haibo, President of Huali Microelectronics, Dr. Peng Shugen, R&D Director of Advanced Process, Wang Jihua, Head of Product Quality Department, and Zhou Limin, Director of Purchasing, led the responsible person of the process engineers, quality control, user evaluation, etc. in the company meeting to attended the meeting with more than 100 people in charge of the technology, quality and marketing of the 37 member units.


Secretary General Shi Ying pointed out in the opening speech that in the past ten years, the integrated circuit materials industry in China has made great progress, especially led by National Science and Technology 02 Major Project, the industry scale has been continuously expanded, and the technical level has gradually improved, but major gaps still exist to support the independent and controllable development of the integrated circuit industry in China, the sustainable development of the industry proposed in the “Outline” and the influence of competitiveness of the entire industrial chain on the world. Therefore, it is hoped that material companies can improve their technology and management, and IC manufacturers can give more opportunities for companies to make trial and error, upgrade and conduct further cooperation in the development of new processes and new products, so as to jointly solve problems and jointly define process specifications. As one of China's integrated circuit backbone enterprises, Huali Microelectronics Co., Ltd. has fully automatic 12-inch production lines and has undertook the “Mass Production Application Project of Domestic Materials and Equipment” of National Science and Technology 02 Major Project. The company has attached great importance to cooperation with domestic material companies and construction of local supply chain for a long term. Therefore, it is hoped that through this matchmaking meeting, the current situation of domestic material enterprises can be sorted out, the existing problems can be found out, and solutions can be studied, so that domestic material enterprises can be developed with the support of Huali Microelectronics, and Huali Microelectronics can also be benefited in the growth process of material industry in the future, achieving a win-win situation for material companies and Huali Microelectronics in the overall competition of the industry chain.


President Lei Haibo introduced the overall situation of Huali Microelectronics in management system certification, conditions of basic production lines, and support for domestic materials; Director Peng Shugen reported on the research progress, achievements and technological development roadmap of Huali Microelectronics; Minister Wang Jihua reported the raw material certification evaluation system of Huali Microelectronics, and proposed three suggestions for material companies in terms of the localization of materials, including: improving management capabilities, ensuring stable supply of materials that meet technical specifications, and conducting two-way technical exchanges with IC manufacturers, mastering the use and mechanism of the raw materials provided in the IC manufacturing process, attaching importance to analytical techniques and making decisions based on data. Zhang Keyun, Materials supplier Director of Shanghai Sinyang Semiconductor, Li Shaobo, Director of 718th Institute and other material suppliers shared the experience in technology development, production management and customer service in cooperation with projects of Huali Microelectronics. Groups were divided for discussion, and dozens of constructive suggestions were put forward in the meeting.


After this matchmaking meeting, Huali Microelectronics will work with related companies in the Materials Alliance to develop detailed implementation plans and implement them one by one. The Materials Alliance will also continue to follow up the progress of the cooperation.




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